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Róisín Murphy - (New Singles 2018)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by andidee5, Apr 17, 2016.

  1. You people are clearly deaf. The Maurice Fulton collabs are fecking dynamite!
  2. I'm enjoying the new singles a lot but I do prefer the more experimental stuff she does.
    Hairless Toys and Take Me Up To Monto were everything that I love about Roisin.
    I play them much more than her earlier albums.
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  3. Just caught up with the Ms Murphy drama and she really snapped. Gurl, I wish nothing but the best for her. Hope she recovers from this and delivers the progressive, life-altering album that we need (and know she can do) after the glorious run of Monto + Toys. Also, she should set her ego aside and go for the Kickstarter route if she's really struggling to get her music out and funded. If ionnalee, Rachael Yamagata, Imogen Heap and Paula Cole (the last two are both Grammy winners) can do it - so can she.

    The day that I can hear Simulation and its pulsating bassline in a neon-lighted club - is the day I'll die happy.
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  4. I'm late to the discussion. I feel bad for her, really. Even though I'm not enjoying Plaything, Like and Innocence as most people here are, I think she's immensely talented and I will continue to support her by doing my bit. I hope she doesn't give up on music though. There are such few artists out there. It would be a shame to lose one because of the industry and the GP.

    Also, I'm a little shocked at the negativity towards Orally Fixated. That song is pure genius!
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  5. And it has never ever been performed live, It could easily fit in the new set list as well as Momma's Place and the "Dance" version of Demon Lover
  6. Just noticed the next single is up on Boomkat



    20 July 2018

    Róisín Murphy meets Maurice Fulton for the 3rd of four singles to emerge throughout summer 2018

    On Jacuzzi Rollercoaster Róisín sounds like a curious mix of Kate Bush and Jacko, filtering from whispers to reverb-vaulted phrases in a slippery slice of midsummer disco greaze.

    With Can’t Hang On they hinge around a deeper house sound percolated with squirmy acid, keyboard and dancing hi-hats, with Róisín coming on much cooler, breezier.


    The 4th single is also listed

    The Rumble / World's Crazy
    17 August 2018 Label: The Vinyl Factory Genre: TECHNO / HOUSE. 5060438880815
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  7. Perched. Everything has been flawless.
  8. So we're going to end up with 8 pretty fabulous tracks - essentially a new album by her standards. Fab.
  9. I think we kind of already knew that? I remember saying something similar a while back.
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  10. Jacuzzi Rollercoaster is an amazing title and Ali Love has some fantastic, poppy, deep-house songs to his credits. Although he is part of the Luca C. & Brigante clique, one of whom is of course married to Roisin. So it all seems like just another of those collaborations, she did countless times before.
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  11. .....as their collaborations go Mi Senti, Flash Of Light and Invisions are pretty awesome!!
  12. Ok so Plaything and All My Dreams are beyond bops and I'm gagged. I was avoiding to listen to any of it because I was having a... hard time... with her twitter. But she's still the one who serves for me.
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  13. Oh, absolutely! I think those collabs with her husband are among her best. It´s just that she´s done so many collaborations already and I was surprised that Ali Love -who belongs to the Hot Natured clique- is now appearing on her tracks with Maurice Fulton (who is really not so good as he thinks he is).
  14. Bloody hell, you don’t check in for a few days and... forgive me if I’ve missed anything in my catch-up of the explosion that is this thread, but I tend to think Overpowered is the exception in her back catalogue, other than her ‘featuring’ appearances with Boris perhaps... to expect a return to that would be unexpected to say the least.

    From Ruby Blue onward I’d suggest she’s always been a less obvious artist, and that makes her work (for me at least) more intriguing. But she can still captivate and reward the ears. Ten Miles High is her most recent tune I keep coming back to (I’ve not heard the new EP tracks yet, bad fan).

    Hell, even Moloko weren’t a simple pop/dance band, Statues aside it took me ages to appreciate the albums beyond the singles.

    Would we really be happy for easy pop tune after another? Or get bored and look for more interest elsewhere?

    I am surprised she doesn’t think she gets any coverage anymore though, believed I was still seeing/hearing about her in various locations often enough.

    Edit: I’m not shelling out for these 12” releases, but put them all on an attractive fold out cd package and my money is hers
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  15. Where the fuck is Incapable? Y'all said it was just postponed to May or something.
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  16. I'm loving the 4 EP songs played together, and can't wait for the other 4. As much as Róisín is struggling with these releases I hope she knows that her hard work is adored and appreciated. I just wish the Physical EP's weren't so out of my budget or I'd throw more money at her.
  17. ....I know, I’m still yet to buy one. £20 plus postage it all gets all out of hand for something I’ll never play. I might get one at her gig if they’re on sale.
  18. She is selling T-Shirts with All My Dreams and Plaything artwork on tour.
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  19. Yeah where is it?
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