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Róisín Murphy - (New Singles 2018)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by andidee5, Apr 17, 2016.

  1. I don't think the new tracks are just a collection of songs. If you listen to them all back to back they make for a good little album which is more cohesive than I initially thought. I definitely prefer them to anything that's been on Take Her Up To Monto.
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  2. Has anyone ordered the t-shirts on the Kontrabant store? I ordered them in M but they are huge. I just checked and they are sold out now in all other sizes...bummer.
  3. I´m totally out of the loop with these singles. Is there anything released apart from Dreams and Plaything?
    Nothing on Discogs nor the Vinyl Factory website.
    This release strategy might work in the post-album era we live in, but this all seems so random to me.
  4. Agreed (not about the Monto bit though, that was a fabulous album).

    I posted a track order that works brilliantly a few pages back:
    1. All My Dreams
    2. Jaccuzzi Rollercoaster - ft. Ali Love
    3. Innocence
    4. Plaything
    5. World’s Crazy
    6. Can’t Hang Up
    7. Like
    8. The Rumble

    I've also made an album cover for those who want it.
  5. Yeah, that's a good track order and I like the cover picture. What's the reference to "Simply Lovely"?
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  6. Oh she used the words “Simply Lovely” when she put snippets of the videos and she’s used that phrase a lot this era. I figured it would be a fitting title to this collection of songs
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  7. I've made an excellent playlist of the best of Take Her Up To Monto, Plaything, Jacuzzi, Worlds Crazy, Dreams, Rumble and her Luca C & Brigante collabs - it's epic!

    .....I just wish she'd release the edited versions, I get the whole '12" Club Mix' thang, but those intros and outros are real slog when you're not actually in club mixing.
  8. 5. World’s Crazy
    6. Can’t Hang Up

    Are these still unreleased?
  9. Ssssssshhhhhhhh!!
  10. Omg. The new single is out! *excited*

  11. Love this so much, but ‘Plaything’ is definitely my favourite out of all the tracks, this is a very close second followed by ‘Like’.
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  12. I know about the leak my fellow little bollock! Just wandering when I'll complete my Spotify playlist (October apparently?).
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  13. Odd she's not mentioned it on her social media? I only noticed because the designer Bráulio Amado posted it on his instagram :-/
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  14. Let's be honest, she's probably forgot that she pushed the release date back.
  15. I don't think so, she is filming the video next Monday in London.
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  16. Honestly, I've no idea what is still unreleased. As far as I'm aware, she's only released two singles so far. Bleep accidentally uploaded the other two on the earlier decided dates and I purchased those files.

    EDIT - I just noticed someone shared a spotify link to Jaccuzzi. The b-side to Jaccuzzi is Can't Hang Up. It should be available to stream soon. World's Crazy is the b-side to The Rumble. So you'll probably be able to hear it when its out.
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  17. Nice running order. I’ve called it Dark Euphoria on my iTunes Playlist after her comment in her Twitter bio. Have found a rather good pic (in my opinion) to go with it.
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  18. That tracklist will work for me when I finally get them all!

    Nice cover too.

    With all the very graphical images for the singles (did she use any photos?) I’d love to know what a cover would have been for them compiled
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  19. Maybe a collage.
  20. Really? So she said 3 video were already filmed, two of them already saw the light, can't wait!
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