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Róisín Murphy - Róisín/Crooked Machine

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by michaelhird, May 31, 2019.

  1. What on Earth? New music?

  2. She looks great (not that she usually doesn't) there!
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  3. I hope that picture is real and not photoshopped.
  4. I thought it was Kim Cattrall.
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  5. Omg yes, this is that vinyl only release. It's a bawp
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  6. I was hoping for a brand new song, but Incapable is fucking amazing!
    Love Roisin's look here.
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  7. ......hope it’s slightly different from the vinyl version (I know it won’t be).
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  8. Please tell me it’s finally being released. I’ve waited too long for this.
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  9. Seems a couple of weeks ago, some stories were posted, and I was thinking they recorded a video or something, really strange, Incapable was listed some time ago on digital stores, then a 12" Vinyl came out, hopefully we can get the Digital Version soon <3
  10. It’s out 7th June.
  11. So it must be the Parrot release she mentioned in the interview with John Doran. She said that Bitter End is Parrot's label. Suddenly it all makes sense!
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  12. The clips sound so good!
  13. The whole track has been out for donkeys

  14. Hoping the digital release isn't just a radio edit of the track and has the full version from the vinyl too.
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  15. Eurgh why is the edit only on streaming sites?
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  16. Incapable must be the most instant track she’s put out in ages?? (So of course she hid it away on a cassette) Love at first play.
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  17. The way the edit just cuts off at the end is awful
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  18. This is Roisin with full disco potential! Would love to dance to this in a good club. It´s such a groover and a grower, amazing for mixing also.
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