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Róisín Murphy - Róisín/Crooked Machine

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by michaelhird, May 31, 2019.

  1. The fact that We Got Together came from an onstage ad-lib tribute to Andrew Weatherall is amazing


    Another enormous track on the record is “We Got Together,” which feels almost like the inverse of “Incapable”’s inquisitive, romantic themes in that it just celebrates hooking up and having a wild time.

    “We Got Together” is just such a simple refrain — it just does what it says on the tin! And it’s just about that! We got together in the past. We moved together. We grew together. We danced together! Well, fucking come on!

    It’s pretty jaw dropping in its directness. It’s a full-on refrain that we do universally need — no frills added!

    To be honest, the refrain came from ad-libbing it on stage on top of another song, “Flash of Light,” which is a much sadder song. So, when I was initially writing it there was actually much more pain in it! It was more begging “We did get together! Didn’t we?!”
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  3. Just finished my first listen.... and "Jealousy"... WOW, what an ending. This is a truly great album. Need to give it one more listen before forming full opinions. But.... "Jealousy"!!
  4. Are y‘all hearing Jealousy for the first time? It‘s been released 100 years ago.
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  5. The album mix is completely different though, I guess people are excited about that.
  6. Jealousy is now good, who knew?!
  7. Where is she in the mids?!
  8. I prefer the house mix of "Jealousy" but the disco mix makes a cute ending for the album.
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  9. I remember the days when there was a fair few who slated the house and disco mixes of Jealousy, I couldn't understand as i was gagging.

    Happy to see people love it now, what a closer though.

    Also Ro is No.9 in the midweeks, should be No.1 but I'll take it if I have to.
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  10. Honestly I had listened to Jealousy and Simulation all of two times before this album so they're pretty fresh to these ears despite having been out for half a decade.
  11. I think that's a great result! Keeping everything crossed she stays there. This album deserves it!
  12. ....I still don't love Jealousy, but I like it in the context of this album, it works, and even better it only clocks in at 4.13.
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  13. And to be fair, listening to those versions of Jealousy and Simulation start-to-finish twice would take up about that entire half decade.
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  14. That intro to Jealousy theaux

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  15. I mean if y'all want 3-4 minute songs you can find them literally anywhere else!
  16. Simulation is so horny and sensual. What a fucking way to start the album!
  17. I'm sort of obsessed with Shellfish Mademoiselle.
  18. The earlier versions of Jealousy were a bit of a slog, I'll give you that, but Simulation really worked every split second of its original 11:27 minute running time for all its worth.
  19. 100% agreed. I understand the edit for this album, but that full-length Simulation is perfect.
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