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Róisín Murphy - Róisín/Crooked Machine

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by michaelhird, May 31, 2019.

  1. Game Changer

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  2. This album is lush front to back. The blue vinyl is well worth the price or import shipping.

    Her signed photo looks like she was so done signing the 211th photo and said, “that’ll do”.
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  3. How dare you sentence me...
    to a lifetime... without dancing?

    That moment alone is 12/10. The way the whole song just drips sultriness and casual sex appeal. I want somebody to serve it to me in a martini glass.
  4. Really regret not getting the blue vinyl bundle. The artwork and presentation is amazing.
    really wanted the black t shirt too but it’s now sold out in my size! So I’ve opted for the white one before that sells out.

    Kingdom Of Ends is such an interesting song. Part of me loves what a mood it is but then I’m also waiting for a massive beat that never arrives. Disco tease!
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  5. Number 9 in the UK midweek and number 2 in Ireland battling for number 1. So happy that it’s going so well for the true artist that is Róisín Murphy !!
  6. I just love the ‘ya’alriiiight’ clips. She’s such a piss taker.
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  7. This is all I'm listening to lately, so I couldn't stop myself from making a remix:

  8. Everytime I hear Jealousy, the instrumental reminds me of Canned Heat by Jamiroquai. Once that happens all I can think about is Napoleon Dynamite's final dance sequence. She should really throw on a Vote For Pedro tee and shoot the video stat.
  9. Okay but now I need her to collaborate with Jamiroquai
  10. Yes ma'am! Could you imagine though, that's some late 90s realness right there.
  11. Great, now I'm straight. Thanks Ro.
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  12. The last time I was really invested in Roisin was during the Overpowered era. But I'm back again because this album is superb.
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  13. She got a mention on the BBC News at 1pm. More detailed feature in news in the evening. She really seems to be crossing over more this time around which is great to see.
  14. Is this all BMG? The PR [Roisin] Machine has been quite impressive this go round.
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  15. HMD


    Same here. Album has been on replay since release.
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  16. I presume so, yeah. Obviously she deserves all the press but the relatively quiet release window has really helped this along, I think.
  17. I guess this "2020 disco revival" narrative has probably helped, too, but regardless, the attention and accolades are gratifying to see.
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  18. Mmm yes this is incredible.

    Do any non-UK hunties know the cheapest place to snag the vinyl?

  19. It would be so great for her if she could do it. She seems genuinely thrilled with the response.
  20. HMD


    I’m obsessed with the album. I’m not feeling these ‘please buy my album support me’ messages though. Anyway, she really deserves it so I hope she does it!
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