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Róisín Murphy - Róisín/Crooked Machine

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by michaelhird, May 31, 2019.

  1. HMD


    I don’t know if it’s the cheapest, but you can find it for 39,43€ at Amazon Spain.
  2. I’d love her to get a top ten spot but I don’t think it’s likely? It was 9 on the first midweek and she will be front loaded with pre orders. I doubt the Graham Norton performance (as brilliant as it was!) will spike new sales. Essentially those who want the album have bought it already and then there will be a massive drop in the second week.

    Sorry to be all doom and gloom. Having said that, I wish they would press more blue vinyl bundles on her website because stupid me didn’t buy one in time!
  3. What's the song she's singing in this clip?

  4. Must be a snippet from the next one with DJ Koze again.
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  5. Sadly she's down one spot to #10, so I can't see her staying in the Top 10. But she'll still get her highest solo chart placement.

    Amanda Holden is No.6??? Bizarre.
  6. That Luigi balloon is sending me nn
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  7. That's what I thought it might be. Sounds amazing. What a tease!
  8. I feel like she's missing a trick not doing another vinyl variant or cassette for this. It requires no effort and would snatch her some extra sales.
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  9. If she's got more music of the same caliber as this album I need Miss Murphy to pull a Charli. Smother me mom
  10. The DJ Koze project seems to be nearing completion. Usually in Roisin world that would mean another five years, but I figure they’ll springboard off of the success of this record into something brand new soon - especially since she can’t tour until next fall. She said her label had no issue with her releasing as and when she wanted.
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  11. Hot damn I got my blue vinyl today. From Manchester to Kentucky in only 4 days. Miss Corona can't stop this party.
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  12. Don't they have to be manufactured and shipped by the end of the tracking week to count for the chart though?
  13. Yeah it's not even a chart thing, really - I just think fans are so used to having multiple options now that if someone's only stumbled across it this week, just picking from black vinyl or a CD feels a bit uninspiring. It really deserves a couple of extra formats.
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  14. I think you’re on the money (well I’m praying). Really not keen on the her teasing like this and dragging it out over years. She’s must be the ultimate tease with Demon Lover, there can’t be anyone else (Charli Taxi?)
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  15. I bet you good money she’s too much of an audiophile snob (and rightly so) to have even allow a cassette. But c’mon Ro I think there’s room for RED transparent vinyl!!
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  16. Just to expand on the upcoming DJ Koze record:
  17. Yaaass Queen! Show us that P U S S.
  18. I’m wet.
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  19. Raw and modern and fucking beautiful? Cue to me definitely being found with my head done in. In America.

    But yeah, just those three lines we can hear sound really fucking beautiful. A bit wistful and poetic, 100% self-assured. I adore that side of her.
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  20. She said there's only a week left of studio work to be done on the album with Koze. She has been working on it since the Maurice Fulton single releases so she's been juggling.
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