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Róisín Murphy - Róisín/Crooked Machine

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by michaelhird, May 31, 2019.

  1. mpl


    Or just put some signed CDs up on her store...give us something more!
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  2. I told her about cassettes and she liked the Tweet but yeah unless they can be manufactured ASAP...
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  3. Well, I hope her idea of big in America is relative but I'm even more excited now. Hopefully she can start the drip feeding at the top of 2021 if we're looking at a release maybe a year from now.
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  4. Signed cds available!
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  5. Also transparent vinyl on her store, and a digital deluxe album, whatever that means. Not sure I got the whole album as a download after the initial 4x2 tracks, actually.
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  6. The clear vinyl has pink artwork too
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  7. I've just had an email with a code offering a discount on the deluxe digital so maybe it wasnt bundled with the blue vinyl? The code gets you the digital deluxe at the cost it would have been in the clear bundle - in my case I think £2!
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  8. aux


    I just bought the clear vinyl.

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  9. They’re sending out discount codes for the digital album if you’ve already bought the blue vinyl. Only knocked £2 off for me which is a bit rubbish.
  10. 1. Simulation
    2. Kingdom of Ends
    3. Something More
    4. Shellfish Mademoiselle
    5. Incapable
    6. We Got Together
    7. Murphy's Law
    8. Game Changer
    9. Narcissus
    10. Jealousy
    11. Incapable (Extended Mix)
    12. Narcissus (Extended Mix)
    13. Murphy's Law (Extended Mix)
    14. Something More (Extended Mix)
    15. Simulation (Extended Mix)
    16. Jealousy (Extended Mix)

    Let me throw her another sale x
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  11. mpl


    How about putting something signed on the UK store? With shipping to UK it’s £18.75 for the signed CD :/
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  12. Hey, that's weird, ten quid should jump right down to two pounds.

    "Please use the below details and you can get the Deluxe Digital Album for the same price as it would have been in bundle with the Transparent Blue Vinyl you have already ordered -- A saving of £8.00."
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  13. Yeah my eyes obviously ain’t what they used to be...

    £2 for the whole album in lossless quality? Sold.
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  14. She's really duped me into buying five copies of this album.
    Also the signed CDs from Warner are actually signed and not just with art cards; no idea why they're still exclusive to Ireland though.
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  15. Okay this is great and all but the new bundles only have t shirts in XXL.

  16. [​IMG]
    I think I prefer it in pink?
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  17. Sis probably has more of a chance of charting higher over there.
  18. Our charts are weighted heavier towards streaming than the UK so I'd be surprised if she does, even with the signed CDs and an exclusive print with the vinyl dd.
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