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Róisín Murphy - Róisín/Crooked Machine

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by michaelhird, May 31, 2019.

  1. Bless her for putting up an additional vinyl variant for us ridiculous cigs. Snatched it + the white face shirt this morning.
  2. Me too. I needed to save money badly and skipped the blue vinyl but when I saw the pink album cover today I was like...whatever, take my money Mum and I also got the white face t-shirt which looks amazing.
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  3. Yes! I managed to get the new vinyl too, and I quite like the pink variation of the cover too.
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  4. I wanted to buy it - but £22 for postage!
    What a rip!!!!
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  5. Here for her repressing the album every few months with the background in every color of the rainbow, yes make stans buy it ten times!
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  6. I also bought the ridiculously expensive vinyl today. I wish the tshirt with the album logo was still available- that was the best one and they don't seem to be offering it anymore! Bummer.

    Anyway, album of the year material here. How did this not get BNM from Pitchfork?
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  7. Any guesses on the QR code material?? Unmixed versions?
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  8. I guess I’ve just gotten over the crazy shipping fees recently. There is literally nowhere in NZ I can access much of the music I want to buy physical copies of.

    I do wish they would combine orders though. I’ve ordered both the Kylie 7” singles. They’ll be shipped at the same time. Why not save me some money and ship them together and save the environment with less packaging.
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  9. I know what you mean. I have ordered from Kylie, Sophie, Róisín, and Dagny's TM stores. I wish it would let you combine those ordered because I ended up spending around $100.00 in shipping all together.
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  10. She looked like pop royalty on Newsnight with those eyebrows/eyeshadow.
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  11. Oh the days when a single album costs $75.
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  12. Baffled as to how none of the tracks made it onto PopJustice’s New Music Friday playlist this week?! 3 brilliant pop records out this week with this, Melanie C and Groove Armada, and not a look-in for any of them.
  14. What I do know is that Game Changer is underrated on here. What a song.
  15. She fell to #11 in yesterday’s midweek UK album charts. Come on, let‘s push it into the top 10, she deserves it!
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  16. It seems like those first four are available to buy separately but the other two are digital bundle only. I'll get hold of them somehow I'm sure. I can stream them for now.
  17. To be honest I was expecting a bigger drop. Will her latest clear vinyl offer contribute to this weeks position or not? The charts are so static at the moment this could be the difference between top ten or not.
    Given the slight drop in the midweek I think a top 15 debut is to be expected. And there’s nothing wrong with that either!
  18. Game Changer and the chorus to Shellfish Mademoiselle give me Niki and the Dove vibes which can only ever be a good thing.
  19. It’s arrived, it’s had a few plays and I am enjoying it... but without the giddy euphoria of a much anticipated album that I’d normally expect to feel. I think it’s because so many of the tracks have had prior releases that it feels more akin to a greatest hits where there isn’t much unknown.

    ...and I’d still prefer it wasn’t mixed...
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  20. I was buying the singles as released but still don’t know if it’s the same versions I now have
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