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Róisín Murphy - Róisín/Crooked Machine

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by michaelhird, May 31, 2019.

  1. which version of Narcissus is that? Did she release it before the 2019 single?
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  3. I have seriously lost track of what mixes we’ve had now for the album and the remix album.
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  4. I’m quite impressed at the mileage she continues to have from these songs.
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  5. The forum kills the formatting, but I think this list is pretty comprehensive:

    1. Game Changer 04:14
    2. Game Changer Name Changer 05:59

    1. Incapable 03:45
    2. Incapable Capable Rhythm 06:14
    3. Incapable Cinthie's Jackin Rework 05:45
    4. Incapable Crooked Man Pt. 2 Mix 09:18
    5. Incapable Crooked Man Pt. 3 Mix 08:30
    6. Incapable Dimitri From Paris & Aeroplane Remix 06:29
    7. Incapable Dimitri From Paris & Aeroplane Dub 06:22
    8. Incapable Edit 03:30
    9. Incapable Extended Mix 08:25
    10. Incapable The Reflex Revision

    1. Jealousy 04:13
    2. Jealousy Citizenn Remix Dub 08:17
    3. Jealousy Crooked Man Rhumba 06:08
    4. Jealousy Disco Mix 11:39
    5. Jealousy Greg Wilson & Derek Kaye Remix 08:36
    6. Jealousy Hardcore Jealousy 07:25
    7. Jealousy House Mix 08:47
    8. Jealousy Jealous Groove 10:38
    9. Jealousy Timo Maas & James Teej Machina Mix 06:42

    1. Kingdom Of Ends 06:10
    2. Kingdom Of Ends Collective States Remix 07:06
    3. Kingdom Of Ends Kingdom Of Machines 06:28

    1. Murphy's Law 06:21
    2. Murphy's Law Cosmodelica Remix 07:43
    3. Murphy's Law Cosmodelica Remix (Edit) 03:56
    4. Murphy's Law Crooked Cowbelly 1 08:57
    5. Murphy's Law Crooked Cowbelly 2 08:01
    6. Murphy's Law Dub 07:09
    7. Murphy's Law Edit 03:50
    8. Murphy's Law Extended Mix 08:00
    9. Murphy's Law Murphy's Big Dub 11:05
    10. Murphy's Law Murphy's Tones 09:37
    11. Murphy's Law We Are The Law 06:15

    1. Narcissus 04:55
    2. Narcissus At The Disco 08:58
    3. Narcissus Bent Crooked 10:57
    4. Narcissus Crooked Strings 08:18
    5. Narcissus Drone Attack 09:21
    6. Narcissus Echo Returns 05:41
    7. Narcissus Edit 03:33
    8. Narcissus Extended Mix 07:40
    9. Narcissus In The House 10:13
    10. Narcissus The First Narcissus 11:41
    11. Narcissus The Reflex Revision

    1. Shellfish Mademoiselle 04:17
    2. Shellfish Mademoiselle Crooked Madam (Damn Mad) 07:28
    3. Shellfish Mademoiselle Crooked Madame 07:17
    4. Shellfish Mademoiselle Paul Woolford Club Mix 06:30
    5. Shellfish Mademoiselle Paul Woolford Dub 05:46
    6. Shellfish Mademoiselle Paul Woolford Remix 03:27

    1. Simulation 08:29
    2. Simulation Assimilation 06:59
    3. Simulation Dub Mix 06:59
    4. Simulation Extended Mix 11:37
    5. Simulation Mano Le Tough Remix 07:18

    1. Something More 06:49
    2. Something More Dark 07:10
    3. Something More Dirty 07:57
    4. Something More Dub 12:47
    5. Something More Edit 04:00
    6. Something More Extended Mix 07:56
    7. Something More Less Is More 06:47
    8. Something More Light 07:25
    9. Something More Soulwax Remix 05:51

    1. We Got Together 05:10
  6. Yikes! I need to do some contrast and compare with what I have. Thanks for that, thought the list was growing quicker than I was keeping up…
  7. So excited for the Reflex edits. His work is incredible
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  8. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    There is just no way to make any of these songs sound bad. Her mind!!
  9. I just listened to the main album followed by Crooked for the first time in a little while and it remains so fucking good. Even songs like Simulation that we’ve had for years, just take on new life as part of the soundscape they created. The entire piece is just perfect. I’m as excited as anyone for her next record but this truly hasn’t lost any of its sheen for me - quite the opposite.
  10. I love all the Revisions that Reflex has done for Noel Gallagher. I really hope these are available digitally. I would love to add them to my remix compilation.
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  11. I love how that instrumental breakdown (around 05:40) from Narcissus (The Reflex Revision) gives Roísín x Hercules & Love Affair - Blind.
  12. Oh god, I think that Narcissus remix is THE one, I knew The Reflex was going to deliver with this. What an absolute rush!
  13. I've been obsessed with Assimilation the past week, I could just lay in bed with it on repeat and writhe around.

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  14. I've been playing the whole album on repeat again this past week. I think at this point I've listened to this more than the original album. It's just so perfectly structured and a full listen goes by so fast!
  15. The interpolation of "Forever More" on Incapable is soo good.
  16. The boyfriend was gone for the weekend. I got a wild hair and decided to make a playlist with all the mixes. I let it play in the background while I got a few things done today and it was a moment.
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  17. Going off Roisins latest story she was at a chillout last night. Dddd.

    "I'm going to get out of here before it all kicks off!"

    I can not love this woman any more. What an icon.
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  18. hi everyone!
    Does anyone know if her concert on Sept 23 in Utrecht, NL is cancelled?
    Google says it is but I can't find any proof.. https://g.co/kgs/qqTfCd

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