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Róisín Murphy - Róisín Machine (Brand New Album).

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by andidee5, Apr 17, 2016.

  1. Simulation and Jealousy (House Version) have a similar sound.
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  2. They've fixed the ending of the edit of Incapable thank God.
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  3. I've realised how similar this is to EBTG's 'Five Fathoms'.

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  4. The hook in Incapable is so fucking addictive and groovy that I barely even notice when the 8 minutes pass (I'm a fan of long edits in general). It's such a pleasant listen, especially while walking in the sunshine (sorry Sunshine the song!)
    I remember listening to the snippet of this on the Juno Records website over and over along with the other 2 songs from the same record, All three sounded delicious.
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  5. I agree about the House Version of Jealousy but the Disco Version is one of my all time faves from her.
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  6. Exactly, I´m afraid that if I listen to it on headphones while walking down the street, I will instantly strut down the pavement like a pimp!
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  7. Now release Narcissus, Demon Lover and Gamble on You. Do that challenge.
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  8. Add Silent Running, Earn It and Don’t Let It Go To Your Head Boy To that list.
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  10. And this, what a day :-) !
  11. Oh wow, so many treasures! Thank you!
  12. Robyn giving Roisin props for photos at Primavera

  13. aux


    She tagged the wrong Roisin by the sounds of it.
  14. Just found this today. The version of "Overpowered" is gorgeous.

    Last year, some show have been broadcasted, did someone find a decent live version of "Flash Of Light" ?
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  15. Why is it always the same songs that get uploaded I'm desperate for Flash of Light and Unputdownable!!
    .....I'm also desperate for Body Language and Modern Timing/Time Is Now from the Overpowered tour but I've little hope for those.
  16. She did not perform Flash of Light on the last two festivals Primavera and All Points, just was performed in Newcastle and Glasgow shows, not sure if the song is going to be performed again, since most of the next shows are festivals, and usually the setlist is shorter :(

    The Unputdownable live-new version is fantastic! Hope we get this recording, since it seems all Primavera performance has been filmed, who knows who decides.
  17. The live arrangement of Overpowered and all the yelling are very fun.
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  18. I've been going through her discography a lot lately because of the single. I wasn't a big fan of Hairless Toys at the time it came out, but I haven't been able to stop listening to it now.
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