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Róisín Murphy - Róisín Machine (Brand New Album).

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by andidee5, Apr 17, 2016.

  1. Geez I hope so!!! I'll wear sequins!
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  2. As much as I like Roisin, I'd kill for another Moloko record.
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  3. Yeah, sorry, you got me. Overpowered kicks off with a great song but the the rest is painfully generic dance pop. Super-inspired? Super-insipid, more like. I was so disappointed at the time. It might as well have been called A&R - The Album.

    Ruby Blue, Hairless Toys and THUTM may well be less accessible but they're much better albums. Plus I don't there's anything on Overpowered that has a melody as strong as, say, "Sew Into You" or "Through Time".
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  4. Don't be daft.
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  5. What can I say? Each to their own...
  6. Monto is your wacky uncle, Toys is like a glass slipper, Ruby Blue is the confession of an alien via interpretive dance, and Overpowered is that one weirdo neighbourhood cat who just wants to be loved by everyone. Point is they're all different, but all unmistakably Roisin. Trying to say that one is better than another is just weird.
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  7. I... think I need to unfollow this thread. "Overpowered" is clearly the best, and that's that on that. She doesn't get to play "wounded artisté" while making inaccessible music, and that album is the reason she can still tour successfully.
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  8. I would argue that MOLOKO is probably still her biggest asset for booking tours.
  9. She plays one song.
  10. Sing It Back or Forever More?
  11. I think just her being Róisín Murphy allows her a touring career. She’s got a decent sized profile in the business despite not having the immense fame.
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  12. As long as there are not-like-other gays, she, Robyn and Beth Ditto will tour forever.
  13. *cough* later Bjork *cough*
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  14. Why not both
  15. Y'all better be streaming Incapable while arguing over old ass albums.
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  16. aux


    I absolutely am, every night
  17. Every two months we rehash the same discussion on whether Overpowered is a blessing or a curse.
    Can we just... move on? I'm getting a feeling of déjà vu.
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  18. Have you ever visited the Sugababes thread?
  19. In other news I checked her Insta and she mentioned having filmed a new video in one of the captions. Could it be for Incapable? Is it self-directed again (I really hope so)? Really looking forward to it.
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  20. You're so right !
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