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Róisín Murphy - Róisín Machine (Brand New Album).

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by andidee5, Apr 17, 2016.

  1. I like the song, I didn't know it was already out/known is some other form.

    Just like with Incapable, I only use edit, and I like them short! I hope she continues trend of releasing edits of the songs.

    I do have problem with artwork, it's terrible. She served 3 amazing covers for Incapable and then this...
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  2. Since she´s going full on DISCO with these songs, I could see an album that´s done in classic disco-style as a long "suite" where all the songs flow into each other. See Gloria Gaynor´s 1974 album Never Can Say Goodbye, which was the first album to do this.

  3. I don't have the mp3 anymore, sorry ;(
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  4. Her set at Homobloc Festival in Manchester last night was fantastic, she absolutely killed it. She opened with Simulation, which led to Incapable, Narcissus, a disco mix of Royal T, an extended mix of Jealousy, Like, Sing It Back, Let Me Know (the only Overpowered song) and many more. It was a seamless mix which made me dance nonstop for an hour. She looked fabulous, too. What a Queen.
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  5. Been there too and loved every second. I was front row and super excited. The Royal T part did things to me. Also love that she chose this festival for the premiere.
  6. Narcissus is great. I’m glad she seems more focused lately.
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  7. I would have typed this too, if I hadn't been sleeping for 12+ hours after partying all night at DILF Friday night and then all afternoon, evening, & morning at Homobloc + Homoelectric/Kiss Me Again.
    I may have cackled when her coming on stage led to a huge exodus of cis/hets and a huge influx of Queers.
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  8. A video for Narcissus is coming!

  9. Out Thursday 5pm. I'm getting 'Sing It Back' feels from this.

  10. Another preview.

  11. I'm getting [​IMG] feels from this.
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  12. ♬ Rooooooosebud ♬
  13. This feels the closest any of her videos has captured the energy of her live shows.
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  14. I was watching the video in the post below while your GIF was on the screen above it, and Whitney was totally in sync with Roisin for most of the time. MAGIC!
    The video is also bringing back this and especially THIS
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  15. It's an homage (pastiche?) to this amazing "Black Cat" performance:
  16. Love the new video, and song! I haven't kept up with her in ages.
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