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Róisín Murphy - Róisín Machine (Brand New Album).

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by andidee5, Apr 17, 2016.

  1. An album of bangers? I'm just happy she has rediscovered how to write killer hooks again.
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  2. Right? Plus, she would sell some records for once.
  3. She’s certainly not “Incapable” of writing major hooks and melodies.
  4. I mean, I'm not sure that Narcissus is that much more mainstream than her recent releases, nor is it particularly on-trend, right? It's fabulous, unabashed disco, but it still has plenty of weirdness and takes it's time unraveling, too. Is disco lighting up the charts anywhere?

    Do we know who's responsible for the string arrangements on Narcissus? They are so good. Just brilliantly performed, too. It would actually be fun to see video from the recording session. Shame it's almost certain we'd never get a Narcissus performed live with a full string section, though.

    (Also, Hairless Toys is littered with hooks)
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  5. I haven't listened to the Overpowered b-sides in ages - the middle 8 of Foolish is sooo pretty.

    Not that Ro doesn't make pretty sounding music otherwise, but something about it jumped out at me. A light delicate airiness.
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  6. New single out on Wednesday:

  7. Is it called Justice? Is it... with Justice?
  8. adz


    Nom nom.
  9. No to both of those, but the emoji in the tweet is a clue. As is her surname.
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  10. What?! This week?
    How wonderful!
  11. Ahhhhh!
  12. Earlier this month she posted some videos from the studio, could be teasers of Justice:

    DJ Koze was also in the studio with her. I like the idea of them working together again, Illumination is quite excellent.
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  13. Prunella Scales on guest vocals...??
  14. Murphy's Law?
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  15. Murphy's Law I'm guessing. Any idea who she's worked with or been working with?

    Ha @chris4862
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  16. Yep. I only noticed yesterday that it was mentioned in this thread back in 2017:
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  17. Very much here for this.
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  18. Excited!
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