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Róisín Murphy - Róisín Machine

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by michaelhird, May 31, 2019.

  1. My WiFi decided to quit right before the show. I only managed to catch the last four songs. Roisin sounded fantastic and the whole set up gave me Overpowered and Monto era video vibes -- a touch of glamour and whimsy in the midst of a mundane or industrial setting.
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  2. Absolutely stunning. I had soooo much fun. Just the most masterful performer. Warm, gracious, generous - she gives it her all. The acoustic finale was breathtaking and it landed beautifully. I've adored Familiar Feeling since it was released but it really hit differently tonight, it felt like it explained the whole entire world with its poetry. I danced the whole time and actually managed to get quite lost in the music, so I hope we'll be able to re-watch cause low key I missed a lot of the visuals. Oops.
  3. All mixes are from the LIVE arrangements done previously, they all sound great.
  4. Sounds a bit of a mess in terms on connectivity and technical issues. I hope some of this gets uploaded to YouTube.
  5. Don’t know for how long but someone uploaded it :

  6. This was exceptional, streaming glitches aside. Great setlist, fantastic art direction and lighting and location, beautifully shot, and she gave it 100.

    Lemme snatch a ticket for the tour next year.
  7. I watched the first stream on Saturday night here in Sydney and caught one of the repeats this afternoon as well. It was even better on the second watch. The setlist was near perfect; I liked that she supplemented the 'Roisin Machine' songs with a few inclusions from 'Statues' and 'Overpowered'. As ever her live arrangements are so impressive. Hearing a snatch of a mellow 'Let Me Know' over the foundations of 'Something More' was wonderful and 'Forever More' mashed with 'Cannot Contain This' was the best kind of nostalgia.

    I saw Roisin in concert in December last year and it was one of the last big gigs that I saw before 2020 turned to pot. 'Familiar Feeling' really hit hard because of that. Watching Roisin lead her band off the stage and walk through where an audience would usually be singing about how 'nothing can come close... we say it all without ever speaking' was poignant enough. Then when the warehouse roller door came down and Roisin kept singing trapped up against a small plastic window as she riffed 'change, we keep on changing' over the ending... well, goosebumps.

    I miss seeing live music more than almost anything else this year, but events like this are an inventive way to create an alternative in the interim. I'm very happy to support buying 'tickets' to events like this so that the musicians, designers and technicians hopefully receive some income. I also enjoyed being able to watch it with friends on the other side of the world and share our commentary as it unfolded in real time. This and Kylie's 'Infinite Disco' have been huge steps up from the Instagram live 'at home' performances from the start of the year.

  8. THAT ending.

    The "take care of what's inside your head".
    The "they are watching us".
    The "familiar feeling".

    The social comment.
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  9. I caught some of the stream on YouTube and it was... okay. I'm somewhat glad I didn't pay for it in the end. Especially with the technical issues mentioned. Ii wasn't blown away by it like the Melanie C or Kylie ones.
  10. The show was fantastic.
    The costumes and art direction, band and dancer were all amazing and Roisin herself is giving all she’s got... a triumph.
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  11. tea


    This slaps. Easily one of the best releases of 2020.
  12. Do we think we’ll get another single release from the album? I hope so. I wish we had a video for “Murphy’s Law” too.
  13. The fact that she has another album ready to go. The light at the end of the tunnel.
  14. I’m so sad I missed this.
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  15. Scroll 9 posts up.
  16. Jealousy, I think, since some time ago some mix premiered on a radio show she was on
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  17. I watched the show twice (9pm and 11pm) and it was perfect in every single way. I didn't have any connection problems apart from when the stream stopped for everyone and I don't think I've felt as happy as I was watching the performance and dancing around my living room since the beginning of this year. The staging, the mixing, the costumes, the dancer, it was all just perfect. The mix of Flash Of Light/We Got Together was the highlight for me. She's just exceptional.

    She has won 2020 and now all I want is the live album on Apple Music and the 4k video download on the iTunes Store. Do it mom!
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  18. I want to live inside this pulsating bassline

    Also, the Roisin Murphy Daily Twitter account is a one of the few positive things that distract me from the awfulness of these trying times.
  19. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    So Roisin Machine is Fopp's Album Of The Year, and she graces the cover of our free little books for December!! Deserved x
  20. Are there alternative viewing measures for those who completely forgot about the show? Or for those who PJ just decided not to send Roisin thread update notifications to.
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