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Róisín Murphy - Take Her Up To Monto

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by andidee5, Apr 17, 2016.

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  1. But Mi Senti is amazing! :o
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  2. It’s out on iTunes as well - but I can’t find it on Bleep or HD Tracks or Beatport just yet.
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  3. $3.39 on I-Tunes for both tracks.
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  4. All My Dreams is the most Moloko thing she's done in years but ends up being a bit boring. Innocence is just pointless, something you might hear in a trendy clothing store played way too loud.
  5. Innocence is the new Jealousy/Simulation
    All My Dreams is better, but that’s hardly saying anything. I’ve played the EP all of 3 times since morning. All My Dreams might grow on me after a couple of days. Innocence is so...pointless?
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  6. I‘m shocked by all the negative reviews on here.
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  7. I think I might be getting into All My Dreams. Innocence is just a waste of time.
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  8. The more All My Dreams is played, the better it gets. Ironically, the more Innocence is played, the more boring it gets.
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  9. 20 £ is ridiculous! I'd rather spend that money on Somerset House gig!
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  10. Little Overpowerbttms will spend on both!
  11. Can’t decide if should buy one or not. I’m even more put off by the postage being £6.41 to the UK??? If you plan on buying all 4 it’ll come to £105. Maybe I’ll just stick to seeing her live.

    .....it’s so beautiful though!
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  12. I think it’s mostly Innocence which isn’t that good. All My Dreams has enough going on in the instrumental to be interesting. Plus Róisín’s actually singing on most of the song. I’m sure it will grow on me in a few days.

    Innocence is just any other dance track - I love that tumbling synth. I can’t help but feel that the song could have been so much more...interesting? But it just goes on and on aimlessly for a long time - much like Simulation and Jealousy. It might work well as background music for a workout session, but it’s not something that I would like to sit down and listen to.

    I guess it’s a matter of taste. If you like this kind of house/dance music, you’ll love both tracks. For me, the lack of Róisín’s vocals on Innocence puts me off the track.
  13. Bloody annoying that Apple Music gets three tracks with the third being a Radio Edit of All My Dreams yet it’s nowhere on iTunes!!
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  14. I can’t justify spending £26 on a 2 track vinyl. That just seems obscene to me.

    The music isn’t that good either, unfortunately.
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  15. All my dreams doesn’t play on my Spotify but the radio edit just appeared and does... very strange
  16. Sounds like an album title to me

    Róisín Murphy - Music For a Trendy Clothes Shop
  17. Now that she's giving the dance music we were all asking for...

    sigh* ppl are designed to never be satisfied.
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