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Róisín Murphy - Take Her Up To Monto

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by andidee5, Apr 17, 2016.

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  1. Video premiered on Paper:
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  2. It’s another big meh from me. Love all the styling, she’s looks amazing.....it’s just so intensely dull. She’s obviously not keen on having endless shots of herself, but without her holding the central focus, there’s just not enough to work with. The shot that somebody took on their phone during the shoot was bettter. Anyway Plaything is still amazing.
  3. This video looks like an outtake scene out of AbFab. Just imagine Eddie, Pats and Bubbles talking over it!
  4. "#allmydreams In this video I went back to my first rave experience, in all its naivety #Plaything video is coming out on Friday!! in it we are few years on and it starts to get darker, when rudimentary night commerce entered the scene."
  5. Ha! Love her sense of humor.

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  6. THIS is Róisín Murphy. Or rather, this is the ultimate culmination of Róisín. Everything from Moloko, through Ruby Blue to the Golden Era of Overpowered and the ultra cool dance period of Royal T, Momma's Place etc and also including her 'experimental, art' period, all creatively combined into this. It's a gorgeous edit of an already perfect track.

    At first I was afraid she wasn't going to be able to top herself this period, but now I am afraid she has delivered something she cannot top ever again. But then again, she never stops surprising us.

    Also, I'm on one of my blue pills, so maybe in the morning I might think this is the worst piece of crap ever.
  7. I think we should all appreciate what she's doing. Without a proper label or a budget she still got it.
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  8. Her Twitter meltdown just broke my heart.
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  9. I had no idea she is so frustrated and sad. Ugh, why aren't Pete Tong or others playing her new music? I seriously don't get it. She is one of the best artists around and she deserved more love & more success.
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  10. When you're on a major, the major books the slots and the press and teh radio and the tours. When heritage acts then go indie, you might get anther lucky era out of momentum but the sad truth is no major, no coverage.
  11. Noooooo Ro don’t be sad. Don’t give up! You’re the best fucking thing out there, she’s catastrophicly underrated it’s a travesty!!....Have any stations added Plaything? What about Radio 6, they’ve always been great supporters.
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  12. Going by comments, they have.
    I wanna know who the 'Supergrass looking' Sunday Times reviewer is that she mentions gave Toys 2 stars.
  13. Her music definitely doesn’t get the support it deserves. I was very surprised she didn’t even make it on the Popjustice best of the week list with the latest release, considering some of the risible shite that gets on there at times!
  14. Of course she feels like giving up after releasing two back to back albums I didn't care for and now finally making music I love.
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  15. I love the woman but she’s a bit
    “Look at me, don’t look at me”
    It’s part of the reason I like her and also the part that annoys the fuck out of me.
  16. It's a tricky situation when she's self-funding. It's doubly tricky when it's for a series of EPs and not an album. It's easier to build up and focus on one big thing rather than a series of small things.

    It's great she continues to put so much effort into her work but considering we're quite a niche group now it's unfortunate she's hit a wall commercially.
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  17. No.
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  18. This is really key. We saw with the Tracey Thorn campaign – who's probably the closest comparison I can think of – that it can work and press and radio can get totally behind an artist of her age and positioning, but it's a lot easier for casuals and the media to digest the idea of a full body of work.

    I have full admiration for her going independent like this but also some of the choices (limited edition 12"s on an achingly hip label) don't lend themselves to radio play or big amounts of press. Even as a casual fan I'm slightly confused at what's actually coming or not. She's still a live force and sells gig tickets and gets decent slots at festivals, it just all needs to be harnessed in a more concise way.
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