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Róisín Murphy - Take Her Up To Monto

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by andidee5, Apr 17, 2016.

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  1. Actually, looking at the dates, it must be about "Orally Fixated." So like…
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  2. Oh. That song...
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  3. It’s a bop.
  4. It's something.
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  5. I totally get her frustration but stuff like "I make good and surprising records" and "I’ve been making surprising and vital music and imagery for 25 years" makes me roll my eyes so much that I become blind.

    Also, PopJustice the site was very *ahem* different in 2009 but it's true that all of the articles about her have been positive. Peter made the same mistake a lot of popstars do and does not DELETE THOSE TWEETS.
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  6. i hope this rant/situation leads to something... the single is amazing and really does deserve some support.
  7. I don't think we can argue with her artistry. The woman knows her stuff, and she does surprise with each release. Unfortunately that's not what most people want. They want their familiar, mass-produced pap that uses the same chords and structure as everything else, and that's the problem. Róisín's approach is at odds with what the industry and the public expect.

    With the last few releases she's been learning a lesson that all artists have to learn at some point, which is the balance between their artistic drives and the expectations of the people who pay for that art. Mi Senti, Toys and Monto all went full art, and her sales and exposure suffered for it. The EP's she releasing at the moment, as brilliant as they are, have the same problems. If she wants exposure again she needs to bang out something on the level of The Time Is Now/Sing It Back. She needs to make her genius accessible to the plebs.

    (Disclaimer: I fucking love Róisín and everything she does, and I feel her frustration. In a perfect world she'd be at the top of the charts. Unfortunately we're stuck with the world we have and all the basic bitches in it.)

  8. Just add Jax Jones' watchu watchu gon do tag to this and re-release it as it is. Smash.
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  9. I routinely go back in my Twitter timeline for a bit of a clean-up, even if there's nothing particularly messy, just in case I ever hit it big.
  10. I feel bad that she feels so dejected... but also, looking over her recent tweets, she has received some great coverage for Plaything (iTunes Best of the Week, Paper Magazine premier, Clash, The Guardian, BBC Radio 6, Juno Download's Single of the Week) so I'm finding it difficult to understand where her frustration is coming from exactly?
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  11. random but I LOVE the beret she is wearing in the video.
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  12. Wait, people don't like "Orally Fixated"? It's fucking awesome.
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  13. The instrumental for orally fixated is also fucking next level I can’t see how the song could be disliked .........hmm!
  14. Popjustice

    Popjustice Staff Member

    Yes as Nunya B says it must have been Orally Fixated. I quite like the song now but remember not liking it at the time. I was probably underwhelmed as my main access point with her had been Overpowered. Much as I know artists like Roisin don't like to repeat themselves I felt/feel like subsequent releases have moved her away from the edge of the mainstream success I felt she deserved. I actually thought moving away from all that was what she wanted? Evidently not!

    On the topic of ChrisC's receiptery (thanks for that by the way) I just assumed she'd meant posts on the blog, which is the archive I looked at. And even so I think gaslighting is a bit of a strong term to throw around: she'd accused me of being a bully, a troll, Thatcherite, creating this idea that I'd launched a bitter and relentless one-man vendetta against her. I don't think two tweets saying one song is shit really support that? (Particularly in the context of what almost was a one-man crusade to support her around Overpowered.) Maybe she means music journalism (not that I'd necessarily rush to defend the wording of those tweets as journalism per se) should always be positive about artists? I don't know.
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  15. Just caught up and she really snapped - but as others have said, some points WERE made.

    I feel her frustration but coming for the likes of PJ (“evil”) makes her look a little silly. But yes, annoying as she is a fantastic artist.
  16. It must be ‘thought’. That’s what my ear hears but also more telling is that on iTunes the track escaped having a hideous explicit symbol attached to it.
  17. Plaything is the best thing that she has released in over a decade - finally memorable and worth repeat listens. The video is one of the best of 2018 for me also.I don't know why others and herself are surprised that people like Pete Tong aren't playing her music anymore. Even more surprising how she believes the reliance of Pete Tong playing her music would result in a bonafide club hit- its not 1995 anymore. I could see in a response to her tweets, Annie Mac is going to play Plaything, which in itself would be more fitting to pushing her music out to a younger new audience.
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  18. This is... a bit much.
  19. I mean... Popjustice is one of a few blogs (Noisey, Idolator, MuuMuse, the one with the ugly logo) that are essentially gatekeepers and tastemakers for the niche audience of 30-something gays (the niche audience that actually spend money on music). A lot of our fellow homos are actually pretty lazy when it comes to new music and rely heavily on these sites (well, more their social media pages, as blogs are pretty much dead in the water in 2018). So I can see where Roisin is coming from with her frustrations.

    On the flip-side, her music isn't actually notable enough to warrant their attention beyond a tweet or two. (Let's be real here, guys.)
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