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Róisín Murphy - Take Her Up To Monto

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by andidee5, Apr 17, 2016.

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  1. The fact she, Grace Jones and Robyn are the 'not like other gays, I'm cultured gay' go-to divas and those two don't release music at all speaks volumes.
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  2. Erm, Hairless Toys was her highest-charting solo album and was nominated for the Mercury prize. She probably never had more press, especially with the 'comeback' element.
  3. [​IMG]
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  4. Is the edit mix of Plaything available commercially anywhere? Seems odd that we got an edit for All My Dream, yet her most cross-over single in recent years clocks just over 6 minutes!
  5. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    'happy birthday to me'

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  6. Overpowered is her biggest solo album by a significant margin. It did at least three times the numbers that Toys did in the UK.
  7. I see your subtle shade to me Roisin .....and I live.
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  8. She needs to calm down with those comments re: Peter, which aren't even based in reality?

    I really tried with Hairless Toys but she lost me after that. I don't need Overpowered part 2 but sometimes I feel like she's making 'difficult' music almost out of spite.
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  9. Yes but that's not what I said. I said highest-charting. In your earlier post you were making out that her audience completely checked out after Overpowered when that's not the case at all. Overpowered may have sold more but Hairless Toys got a lot more press and critical acclaim.
  10. Hairless Toys charted one position higher than Overpowered at #19... and almost a decade later when you only have to sell a couple thousand copies to even chart in the Top 10/20 (and if I recall correctly, Toys sold 3.5k in its first week, less than half than Overpowered's first week, so... at least half of us checked out).
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  11. Much of the initial excitement of her return also fizzled out when people realized she’s not gonna give them another “Sing It Back” or “Overpowered” and moved on.
  12. And that's okay. Overpowered is one of my Top 5 albums of the 2000s and so it would be easy to say I'm one of those fans who 'want Overpowered pt. 2', but in reality I've never once complained about the music she's made in recent years. I'm quite happy to take the bits I like and leave... the majority of it.

    But with that being said, if the artist themselves wants to publicly address why no one is paying attention to their slightly-more-accesible new dance song, let's be real. An eight year gap between albums followed by two self-indulgent bodies of work in quick secession would leave any popstar's fan base looking a little sparse.
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  13. Or maybe she just really really likes the music she makes.

    Apart from a handful of songs from Monto, I don't really see which songs could be classified as "difficult". Hairless Toys was different than Overpowered but as Roisin herself said, it was still very much a Pop album with a lot of nice hooks and choruses.
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  14. [​IMG]
  15. This still goes OFF!

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  16. While Toys or Monto are both top-notch albums, neither features a radio friendly single that would pull in the punters and get cash machine rolling.

    ...why was Whatever (while exquisite) ever considered for a single? I didn't think Ro was really on the look out for mainstream success, I thought she was thinking her singles would be as popular as say Arisen My Senses was on the radio.
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  17. Unputdownable isn't radio friendly?
  18. Oh @ the where are the bops brigade. I don’t check here enough I guess - assumed you all would have gone. Hairless Toys is a masterpiece. Monto I never gave enough time but perfectly lovely.
    Róisín must know the music she’s making isn’t commercial. Even now. I suppose she shot herself slightly in the foot with the hiatus (which it was to most people). Does she tour solidly / successfully?
  19. I really don't think it is, even the single edit I think most radio programmers would find inaccessible.
  20. For example the chorus of Exploitation, the entire song Evil Eyes, chorus of Unputdownable, House of Glass...if y'all can't hear nice melodies and hooks here, then you should get your ears checked.
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