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Róisín Murphy - Take Her Up To Monto

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by andidee5, Apr 17, 2016.

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  1. God no......especially the radio edit which kills the best part!! But it's definitely got the potential to be a right banger, much like the version she toured with, that gave it that kick up the arse it needed!
  2. To call any of those "hooks" is a stretch, sorry. They're not exactly singalong-friendly.
  3. I appreciate both the most recent albums but the difference from Overpowered is huge. It's like Bjork made Post, disappeared for years and then released Biophilia (another level of success I know but I hope y'all get me). Of course a chunk of the fanbase would disappear.

    Yesterday I relistened to the whole album and yes, there are melodies under the bleeps. But you were talking more about choruses and hooks, which I understand why didn't grab people's attention.
  4. Sis, let's not tell a woman to not be (so) emotional, OK?
    You're going to have to eat that one, really.
    That Maurice Fulton Remix... *explodes*
  5. That is not what I said? It has nothing to do with her being a woman? Don't twist it.
  6. Unputdownable is one of the only serviceable songs on her last two albums, but if anything only serves as proof that when she's onto something accessible she seems adamant not to go there properly in favour of doing something that falls under being "alternative" or, basically, background music.

    In order for a song to be hooky and melodic you'd actually need to be able to sing it back (kii) off memory and I somehow doubt any of you in this thread can recite her past two albums by heart because it's all one wall of bleepy bloppy dreariness. Any of you.
  7. But Overpowered is the oddity in Roisin's discography and not the norm. The albums before and after weren't exactly straightforward Pop. Ruby Blue falls into the same category as Hairless Toys. So basically it's like Björk made Medulla, then made Post and then released Biophilia.
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  8. This is dumb.
  9. Touring aside, artists of her size make money from side ventures. Unfortunately, her new music isn’t very synch-friendly, doesn’t lend itself well to tv shows/commercials. She doesn’t sell merch online. She can’t take the St Et route and reissue her back catalogue to oblivion either as I assume she doesn’t own all the rights. She already said she won’t do Pledge Music because she’s “too proud.” That pretty much sums it up, the thing is she’s too proud.
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  10. Oddly I find Ruby Blue very pop....it’s got some kooky noises and Off On It, but that’s about it. Nearly every song follows a standard verse/chorus pop structure. No issue to Sing It Back at all!! If We’re Love, Sow Into You, Through Time, Ruby Blue are all tracks I could imagine on the radio.
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  11. Yeah she toured quite extensively with Hairless Toys but rarely did anything during Take Her Up To Monto.

    She should do a couple of dates to celebrate the anniversary of Overpowered that bands/artists tend to do. That would get everyone in a frenzy.

    OR reissue Overpowered on vinyl. She could make a killing with that.
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  12. It might be the oddity, but it's her successful album and people in general take that one as reference point.
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  13. "In sintesi" is as catchy and pop as anything on Overpowered but I assume singing it in Italian was self-sabotage of a sort.
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  14. Are the songs not written in Italian? Or did you mean she should have translated them?
  15. Songs like If We're In Love and Sow Into You were basically cut from the same cloth as Checkin' On Me and Footprints, despite the rest of Ruby Blue being a bit shit.
  16. They are in Italian (as the originals) which makes them quite hard to love for me.
  17. I mean, vocal melody and production are mostly independent of language, so I personally would not have wasted a track that good on adding an original song to a masturbatory Italian language EP.
  18. Blasphemy
  19. Especially when you don't speak fluent Italian so most of it sounds like gibberish like Hairless Toys
  20. I've been a fan of Roisin forever, so this is all really sad. I know from personal experience how much hard work is involved in getting music out independently, and how much it stings when it doesn't quite resonate as much as you'd like it to.

    That said, I can't help but feel the way she's dealing with is coming off a bit...entitled? There are thousands of acts releasing music week in, week out that fly under the radar, a lot of which is also 'surprising and vital'. We have access to more music now than we've ever done, and one of the downsides of that is that media outlets, blogs, radio stations, playlisters etc have a limited amount of space to cover what's now an enormous amount of music. The list of outlets someone mentioned earlier that the new track had been covered by, is one that loads of artists would give their right arm for.

    And then there's the thorny issue of what's considered 'vital and surprising', or what's considered any good. For me, I'm a massive fan, but whilst I loved Overpowered, I hated Orally Fixated and Momma's Place. Loved Hairless Toys and Take Her...but not feeling these two new tracks at all. I feel like that's half of the problem - lack of consistency, not even necessarily in quality, but in style. I genuinely don't think these new songs are anywhere near her best work, and I think that, coupled with them not being part of a really tight, larger campaign like with the last two albums probably haven't helped in terms of them breaking through.

    The references to Goldfrapp are really key here - there seems to be such attention to detail with them, not just in the actual material, but how the projects are rolled out. At a time when it's harder and harder to cut through, it really makes a difference.
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