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Róisín Murphy - Take Her Up To Monto

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by andidee5, Apr 17, 2016.

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  1. I actually love that she made an EP in Italian. I feel so cultured when I sing along.
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  2. I think the Hairless Toys shows resulted in many people (casuals) going “never again” because she didn’t play any hits bar two and those where slower live versions? I saw her twice that year and everyone after the shows was disappointed in the lack of familiar material. Tour promoters and festival bookers probably felt the same?
  3. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    Tibb she has no one to blame but herself, the almost ten year break between albums made the gays forget about her & the complete inaccessibility of Hairless Toys turned off a number of fans still checking for her. I think Hairless Toys is a gorgeous album, but it's appeal is so niche. I am always here for Roisin, but this outburst is odd and out of character. I'm really just living for the mess I guess.

    What even caused her to snap? It's not like she's promoting anything right now. I also have to say @whoever pulled up Peter's receipts to show off to Roisin is a lil shitty to both of them, you're just adding fuel to the fire. Yes Peter did show his ass but like, did it help Roisin feel better? Did it help Peter's relationship with her?
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  4. This as well. I saw her at Sink the Pink last year, and her set almost wilfully didn't really play to the crowd there. I can't fully remember the setlist, but I remember thinking it was a bit of a missed opportunity.
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  5. A bit off-topic, but this made me think of when I went to see Vanessa Carlton in Bruxelles a couple of years ago and, like, she was touring Europe for the first time in 10 years, she arrived, played Liberman in full, with some songs even slowed down and minimal arrangement. At the end of that hour(?) people started to scream for an encore with, at least, one well-known song from her catalogue (yeah ok she had one hit but White Houses, Nolita and Carousel are known). So, OF ALL SONGS, she picked The Marchin Line in extremely slow form. At the end one screamed A THOUSAND MILES, she got pissed and left, even dodging the signing sessions she promised. People were so pissed.

    Same for Roisin. I get artistic statements and stuff, but one oldie wouldn't have killed anybody.
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  6. Not "everyone".
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  7. Everyone I talked to.
  8. ........I can't tell if you're joking?
  9. Well I loved the Ancienne Belgique date of Hairless Toys so much I went back again when she upgraded the venue for her added dates to the Forest National.

    But then again everyone has different tastes, I felt the comments of that tour were extremely over the top. It reminded me of when The Knife came back and went on tour a few years ago.
  10. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    I'm not? I suppose I could have phrased myself less like stan twitter. It's not like she's in a cycle where all these blogs are shitting on her current work. This seems like years of built of resentment suddenly coming out in a very counterproductive way?
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  11. No show has ever been more pretentious than The Knife's last show!! While she didn't to 'all the hits' she sang live!
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  12. So did The Knife.

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  13. Well they didn't in The Roundhouse
  14. I don't think she snapped because she wants a hit. It's not what she said. She was begging IG Mag and someone else just to feature her on any edition. It's like, she doesn't want to be "on top" like in Overpowered, she just wants to be... remembered. Like, "Remember Róisín Murphy? She released a single" would satisfy her a lot.
    She's mad because her work has become so impallatable to the masses that no one else cares to care. Toys and Monto were two hard stones to swallow for casuals and I'm sure she's well aware of this (especially because she has this anti-normie vibe), and I'm sure she knows no one listens to her music the way they did with Overpowered - she just wants some shout outs from DJs, nothing more.

    What is really hard for me to understand is how everyone sees her breaking down on twitter (one very bad look for her) and thinks "well, that's her fault! she's not releasing bops for gays anymore!" when... that's not even the case. Some people have stated that Hairless Toys and Take Her Up to Monto have no melodies/choruses/hooks and are blaming it for the lack of success. I mean, it's a very alternative, B-sounding album, but to say it lacks any of those features is simply musical ignorance. To say that "for a song to be remembered" you need to "be able to sing along to it" is also completely wrong.

    It's sad to see even Peter saying "she's had her chance" or "joke's on her" because it takes away all her credibility. She's still an artist, godammit. She's self-entitled and self-indulgent at this point but to say that she deserves to be forgotten is mean and just contributes to the ageism of the industry in my opinion.

    Also, yes, I know her last two albums by heart. Just as I know all Björk's albums by heart. But I figure not everyone is able to memorize lyrics that aren't on a 4/4 beat and an Am/C/Em/D chord structure.

    I'm not even going to comment on the chart talk because this is the Róisín Murphy thread, and because the year is 2018. If your faves aren't charting (and they probably aren't) then why bother with Róisín?
  15. Hear fucking hear. The way some of y'all talk about her career i just bizarre.
  16. Oh and before I forget - if releasing blippy-bloppy music is the issue then please call Goldfrapp, Björk and the likes and thell them their career is over and they should just cancel their headlining festivals cause, you know, the fags won't be able to memorize their gibberish!
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  17. Oh, believe me, a solid chunk of the forum has been harping on about her for over a decade because she hasn't released Post 2.
  18. Poor, uncultured, super-gay, popper-sniffing, Am/C/Em/D-stanning, the rest of us can't relate.
  19. Hey, when you claim melodies don't exist because you can't recite them word for word, you're going to get a call out!
  20. There's Got To Be A Way.mp3
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