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Róisín Murphy - Take Her Up To Monto

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by andidee5, Apr 17, 2016.

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  1. But sis, you stan the peak-avant-garde-alternative-underground-side-b-ignored-by-the-masses-bop The Light Is Coming! It's pratically a Hairless Toys track.
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  2. Now I'm picturing Murphy with a three-foot-long high ponytail scampering about the woods and flicking her hair back and forth.

    And I like it.
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  3. I'm not the issue here tho? The rest of the world is.
  4. Co-ming-out (even when it's raining down!)
  5. That's correct though. If you can't whistle it, it's not a melody. No matter what Björk says.
  6. This is fucking dumb and I'm really tired of reading this idea. It's just... wrong.
  7. @Nightclubbing is this you? Did you also dance with Roisin at Berghain and see her soul once upon a time?
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  8. [​IMG]

    It's not Björk sis, it's music basics.
  9. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    In this situation theux it really seems like she's her own worst enemy.

    Do we also know yet what caused this outburst?
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  10. Oh totally. She lacks self-awareness and works in this "look at me, don't look at me" way that will always put her down.
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  11. I think I probably worded that in a way that was too on-the-nose for the avant garde gays. I have no doubt that you can all remember how the bleeps and blops sound in your head without having to actually sing along, don't worry!

    What I don't get about your post though, is that you start by acknowledging that Toys and Monto are hard to digest for casual fans, and that her music has become "unpalatable to the masses", yet go on to insist it's full of hooks, choruses and melodies... so why is it do you think that her music has become unpalatable to casual fans? Because the production on her music is always faultless which has never really been debated in this thread, yet if you go back the topic of 'melody vs. no melody' is constant. So maybe you and @man.tis.shrimp need to get your ears syringed together, once he's done making passive aggressive remarks in the thread without actually contributing anything.
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  12. Just because she created forward-thinking music on her last two albums (I wouldnt even call it "avantgarde" or anything) and some of the songs aren´t as accessible as her output on "overpowered" doesn´t mean they lack hooks, choruses or melodies... they are just structured differently and sometimes dared to bleed into more open soundscapes (which is nothing exotic for dance-music)
  13. The word "melody" can be applied to pretty much any kind of music. It's the part that one might hum or whistle.

    Having a variety of different consecutive notes, as opposed to the same note repeated, is a good start. These sorts of songs are good for whistling because it sounds strange to whistle the same note again and again. At least to me it does. And this sort of droney, repetitive, atonal composition which Björk does over and over again, is exactly that.
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  14. I don't see how what I've said is at all passive aggressive. Just because I didn't @ you doesn't mean you didn't know exactly whom I was speaking about. Melody is all over both Bjork and Roisin's music. And making a comment -- you didn't make this comment -- claiming that you need to be able to whistle something for it to be a melody is just incorrect. And by the way, you can whistle the hell out of Murphy's more straightforward recent tracks. Yes, she's done some electronic noodling, and I don't deny that at all. I'm just sick of reading that music lacks melody or tune just because it's not immediately catchy.

    No, she's not making music for casual fans anymore. And that's OK, for both her and fans who her music no longer appeals to. I'm not judging you for disliking it at all. I just find the "melody-less" claims weird and untrue.

    Oop, let me @ibelieve
  15. Birthdays are tricky, aren't they.
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  16. I’m guessing the outburst is because Ro felt like she was finally giving the gays what they wanted with the latest two songs (which she has, they are both bops) and when they didn’t really get that many immediate streams/attention she felt wtf.
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  17. Then we're quoting!

    Her music is unpallatable to the masses and hard to digest, but it still has melody and hooks. Have you heard Evil Eyes? House of Glass? Mastermind? They would never play on the radio but they have melody.

    I really don't know what's up with people in this forum and melody. I mean, I'm not going to link a Wikipedia article on it here. And you can stop coming for me (and others) with the "ooh she's too cultured!!" bullcrap cause I spend my days listening to Ariana and Xtina and own Britney albums and blablabla, I just happen to know what a melody actually is. You can criticise her music saying it's not pop, not easy to listen, weird, full of blip blops, because that is true, but I stand to my previous phrase: saying there are no melodies on her last two albums is just downright ignorance.
  18. There are melodies. Róisín though is asking where are my coins / my sponsors / my fans / my magazine features and the sad truth is you only get those via accessible hits.

    She said it herself that Sing It Back was a game changer and opened doors / made money / led to them getting budgets etc
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  19. Actually I think this gets to the issue better than the melody/no melody debate. I found, particularly with Monto, that the songs are too open and don't really reward individual intensive listening. The melodies and hooks may be there, but they are not presented effectively. (Yes, I know, I am a callow dummy who can only deal with verse/chorus/bridge song structures, etc.)
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  20. Just to be clear, my comment wasn't about Róisín's music, which has always been conventional and full of melodies. But it's true to say that a good amount of Björk's recent output is atonal.
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