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Róisín Murphy - Take Her Up To Monto

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by andidee5, Apr 17, 2016.

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  1. I agree, Bjork has lost it
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  2. And I think that is why her last albums felt (and still feel) so relevant
    She has always worked on the interface of different genres (dance and pop) and instead of just accessorizing a typical pop-song with dance-sounds, she took inspiration from the structural approach to dance-music.
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  3. I'll leave it at that because I did state a while ago that I'm happy for Roisin to release what she likes and for the fans to like what they like, and that still stands, so this debate is kind of futile. and fucking boring
  4. Curiously, the last Roisin work I heard was Monto ddd

    I have literally no patience for these one-off underground EDM releases.
  5. I actually agree with you on much of this. I think you're probably right about a lot of it not being presented effectively, and that's why it's difficult. And while I enjoy her output, it wasn't an easy listen for me at first. It just happened to grow on me. It didn't grow on others, and that's fine. But it really is dumb to make claims that there are no melodies when they are there (they're just not used as effectively as they could be). I really don't think you're uncultured for not liking her music, and I really hope that didn't come across that way.

    The way "tuneless" has been used here though is just as bad as using "dirge" to describe a bop you don't like. Just... don't be wrong.
  6. This whole discussion actually led me to explore some of the Hairless Toys videos/singles (I'm only familiar with Overpowered) and I don't know what you people are talking about. These songs are great!

    Surely, not commercial in any way, but I wouldn't say they are "difficult" or "challenging". I found them quite groovy and pleasant, if a bit "background music", but I never had a problem with that.
  7. Sing It Back has A LOT to answer for. They made so much money out of that song. I remember watching a documentary about it appearing on endless compilations at the time and they were raking in the coin. I think that level of commercialism probably scared her a bit and maybe the pressure for more palatable radio friendly stuff from the record company made her feel creatively stunted. I feel she's rebelled against this since to a degree or is at least aware of it. She's a true artist in that sense but it does feel slightly bizarre to lash out when the commercial doesn't come knocking when you decide it should.

    edit:oh i see this has been covered. apols
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  8. I fucking love you.
    You always make me piss bish!
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  9. Wait, you mean she didn't demand BBC to replace God Save The Queen with Narcisuss during royal wedding!?
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  10. "Gone Fishing" from Hairless Toys borrows heavily from New York ball scene/culture. It doesn't get any more gay than that.
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  11. i cant stop listening to "plaything". SO GOOD.
  12. The tea. After her first show in years sold out here, she got overexcited and booked two nights in a row during Coachella week. Ticket sales were so poor the two dates got merged into one half-filled night. The casual fans caught on and stayed away ddd.
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  13. Don’t get me wrong, I love this inspiration. But do we really think “the gays” give a flying fuck about ball culture references?
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  14. Tell me about it!

    It’s well daft! It does exist as it on the radio. I was going to tweet her about it but Im scared I’ll be met with some hostility!! I resorted to ripping the video edit - works so much better on me playlists!
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  15. She is playing in Czech and Slovakia radio stations, even All My Dreams is #1 on chart in biggest Czech radio.
  16. I remember when "Gone Fishing" premiered and the collective response among all my gay Roisin-fans was a big fat groan.

    I also don't get why the radio edit of Plaything isn't officially available. Trust her to make a bop but only in a 6-minute "take it or leave it" format.
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  17. Yes. Yes we do.
  18. Roisin really cares about balls culture, she got inspired by the gays in the documentary Paris Is Burning, and she even calls herself a drag queen, so she's one of the gayest artists actually.
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