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Róisín Murphy - Take Her Up To Monto

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by andidee5, Apr 17, 2016.

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  1. I want to go to there. I love me some Jacuzzi Rollercoaster, especially the loops.
  2. I assumed it was confirmed that it got cancelled. That's what I read on Boomkat or the other site that had the preview.
  3. Yeah, that's what I said. But I remember that someone on here said that it was definitely just postponed.
  4. I feel like people are not talking about Demon Lover enough. She plays it live now!
    But I don't like that mix at all. It's kinda pointless?
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  5. Why doesn’t she just release the goddamn song already? Does she not have a producer to team up and release it with? I’m sure Crookers or Freeform Five will happily re-produce the song for her and release it.
  6. Also @ whoever changed the thread title, can we have it as “Róisín Murphy - Simply Lovely” till the 4th EP is released? And then the thread can go back to being “Róisín Murphy.”
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  7. Does she play whole track or just verse-chorus and then YKMB like on Gate Sagehead gig? Anyone knows?
  8. .......yeah she's given it a similar treatment as she did with Royal T on the Hairless tour. It's more of an interlude, just a verse and chorus, the mix is just a simple beat which just kinda kills it IMO. So yeah, not much to get excited about. In an ideal world she'd just perform the Victor & Rolf set - I'd loose my shit!!
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  9. So, sadly I'm going to have to rain on our parade. I saw (I'm sure along with a few others here) Róisín Murphy's set at Somerset House a couple of days ago.

    First off, The Good: She is still outfit queen. Style slay, etc. So full of personality and verve.

    Then, The Bad: The set heavily leaned on the really, really brand new stuff, so most of the crowd had no idea what was going on for the first half of the set. I always want bands to play the brand new stuff, so this worked out really well for me, but you could tell a lot of people were wondering when the hits (or more than 1 song from Overpowered or any songs from Ruby Blue) would come up.

    Finally, The Ugly: At least in a live setting, it's reaching a stage where Róisín's ripping toplines out of her entire catalogue and it's causing damage. An easy example is the heavily remixed performance of Sing It Back at the end of the set. It wasn't the Todd Terry Mix or the Boris Dlugosch Mix or the original album mix, but this strange downbeat remix utterly devoid of topline. My boyfriend didn't even recognise the song and it used to be one of his party anthems! This was the most extreme example, but pretty much every song after the initial Maurice Fulton collaborations had all their toplines either completely removed or heavily downplayed in favour of guitar or percussion. Demon Lover had most of the dance taken out of it! Of course it's her art and she has full autonomy over its direction and performance, but right now this approach is hurting her fans and hurting herself. It's not caving into whatever if she had just given the crowd a taste and played the stomping Boris Dlugosch Mix of Sing It Back, at the very least a reward for all the complex songs that had most of the melodies taken out the hour before. I love the Moloko stuff, I love every solo album, I love the singles in the wilderness period, I love the collaborations periods, I love the Maurice Fulton period we're in now, but please come back to us, Róisín.
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  10. This situation feels like what I imagine it felt to be a Björk fan during Medúlla.
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  11. Why she suddenly performing Demon Lover after 20 years when it still has never been released properly?

    I'm all here for Ró doing whatever the flip she likes and I would perform the heck out of my most recent nine minute long singles too. And as much as I feel and understand her recent frustrations, being an artist with a decennia old back catalogue and multiple phases of musical artistry that has acquired (okay, and lost) new fans at each step ánd trying to do it all on your own, you have to concede a bit. Unless you are deliberately trying to shake off your past musical stylings (and with it, your 'fans'). She does not owe anyone anything, but you do have to give some and take some. Yes, unfortunately... even with the very apparent agism and sexism she might still have to give more in order to take. But I can see how that would feel like being hugely compromised.

    She has so often performed different mixes of her hit songs, so I'm not surprised. Personally, I would love a setlist like at Somerset House. But if I was in a similar position I would throw in something recognisable to the general public. I believe that the atmosphere she is trying to recreate on stage is the one she is conveying with her current singles. Throwing back to when she went out in the nineties, what and how dj's played then and giving yourself up to the beat. But most of the crowds nowadays would not recognise or understand that.

    It's a difficult position she's in. She's got a very clear view of who she is and what she wants to do, but not enough people are buying it in this form.

    Just between you and me and the rest of this forum, this was my favourite incarnation of Róisín. Heavily pregnant and performing a house track at a huge fashion show while being a sculpture. ART!
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  12. I want to hear new stuff, but I felt songs like 'Innocent' and 'Like' feel a bit flat with a the live arrangement, the minimal club dub vocals don't really work either. All My Dreams and Plaything were great tough, and can't see why she didn't do Jacuzzi Rollercoaster!?

    It was a 'Herbert's Tasteful Dub' while an excellent mix I have to say it was a bit much to ask of a crowd, it wouldn't have hurt to mix in the chords from the Boris mix towards the end to satisfy the crowd a little (Something Moloko used to do). She's performed remixes before which have left me in awe such as Movie Star (Kid Gloves), Fovever More (François Kevorkian), Sing It Back (Mousse T), but Matthew Herbert's mix isn't really designed for the stage.
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  13. [​IMG]

    The gays = everyone
    Everything = nothing
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  14. To me the setlist if fantastic as Summer Set + Flash of Light, but beacuse I'm a hardcore fan; I believe, some backing vocals are needed for this show; and can see on the videos that Sing It Back works great, discovered this remix some months ago, so was really surprised, but again, I'm a fan, general public would recognize the boris mix, maybe a mix of both wuld give general public a different view.

    Just willing to know if she's touring North America this year, maybe next.
  15. Did the release date of the last two single changed? Jacuzzi Rollercoaster / Can't Hang On was supposed to be out tomorrow but is now pushed back to September 14th and The Rumble / World's Crazy to October 19th according to Idol.
  16. WTF, what's going on here? I was excited to get Jacuzzi Rollercoaster tomorrow!
  17. It might be pushed back to let Plaything have its moment? Now that it’s getting radio play and she’s had a bit of press it’s probably a bit self-sabotaging to then release another single and have to go through this all over again.
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  18. That's what I thought too.
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