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Róisín Murphy - Take Her Up To Monto

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by andidee5, Apr 17, 2016.

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  1. But that was the intended release strategy.
    October?! That’s like... half a year. It will just disappoint a lot of people and kill off the last ounce of hype.
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  2. It’s good that she’s getting some press coverage and airplay, but changing the release strategy mid-way is annoying.
  3. Jacuzzi Rollercoaster and Can’t Hang On are available to purchase on one website. I don’t know if it’s a mistake or not...
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  4. Which website?
  5. link removed
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  6. Maybe she's pushing it back because of the school holidays? She's only got a handful of dates between now and the end of August and she might want to just let Plaything play out. I bet she'd like some time with her children too.

    Anyway, both tracks are amazing. Jacuzzi Rollercoaster is more retro funk while Can't Hang On is funky infused with 90's club. It remembers me of another song, during the "Looks like nothing has changed, we're still the same" part. Love her multiplied vocals in the chorus. I actually think if they made a four minute edit of Can't Hang On, the 'gays will finally have something they wanted'. A sort of Ruby Blue/Overpowered/90's hybrid with a bit of Charli XCX thrown into it.
  7. Sweet, cheers
  8. I love you! And thank you Bleep!
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  9. Both sound great.
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  10. Thanks @Glow , bought from your link and listening now.
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  11. Or she’s not got round to making a video.
    Wow thanks!!........though feel a guilty.
  12. ok, so Jacuzzi Rollercoaster is the song of my summer.
  13. "If you want to take part in the next shoot in london Sep17 PLEASE email [email protected]"
  14. Both tracks sound great!

    Now she just needs proper management and a video director.

    Well, waiting for The Rumble until November will be awkward...

    I‘m still confused by the whole release strategy and wondering why she didn’t just make it an album. She can’t expect people to hype all 4 EPs when the majority of songs doesn’t have “single appeal“.
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  15. I would, but I doubt she's in need of graphic designers, you've gotta be a pretentious 'club kid' uuughhhhh
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  16. At least she's giving plenty of notice this time. Last time she only gave 48 hours' notice and kept changing the shooting times so I had to pull out.
  17. Loving all 6 songs so far.
    I'm still hoping she will release them on a CD compilation at the end though.
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  18. All My Dreams is still the best one of the 6. Jacuzzi Rollercoaster and Plaything are both good. Innocence has grown on me as well. Like is going to take a while. Can't Hang On is still new, so who knows.

    Anyway, how horrible is the artwork for the third single? I expected so much more but the yellow and black cheap vinyl cover like artwork is just...well, cheap. Also, why are the words "Can't Hang On" in the centre of the artwork and not the title of the A-side?
  19. Where was this posted? Can't find it on her Twitter.
  20. This is the cover of the third single


    The yellow and black one is for the B-side.
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