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Róisín Murphy - Take Her Up To Monto

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by andidee5, Apr 17, 2016.

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  1. pdf


    Ali Love, tho? I like him. I still play Benediction.
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  2. On her Instagram, a picture of her with the kids from the first shoot.
  3. Makes sense now. Thank you.
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  4. I thought that sounded like the guy from Hot Natured.
  5. Uh, that is Ali Love. He is a feature/guest singer on "Benediction". Ali Love wasn't credited at first, but when "Benediction" was re-released, then he was. Different Sides of the Sun, it's a decent album.
  6. I like the songs he did with The Chemical Brothers and Justice.
  7. My ranking so far best to good:

    All My Dreams
    Jacuzzi Rollercoaster
    Can’t Hang On

    The first three are the monsterous bops.
  8. This was supposed to be released today???
  9. Yup
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  10. This isn’t really related to anything, but did you know there was also an actress called Roisin Murphy (beside another singer)?
    Found a movie when looking for roisin on iTunes (the lodgers) and that roisin was listed in the acting credits.
    The poor thing...
  11. I bloody hope she does...

  12. BOP!

  13. Speaking of which, does anyone know if (our) Roisin ever gave acting a go? She has such undeniable presence in the Hairless Toys videos and though successful performance in music videos doesn't necessarily always translate to traditional acting, she clearly has an interest in film and theatre.
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  14. Its still up to buy/download on Bleep.
    I noticed on her FB page that someone said the new tracks were great.
    Roisin replied wanting to know where they heard them! I feel kind of bad for her...
  15. She was going to appear on Northern Soul, a film, she said no, even they wrote a different character as Ró was pregnant, but denied to appear in it.
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  16. Someone should tell her it’s still available to purchase on one store.
  17. Eeeeek I was going to but then as soon as you mention it on Twitter it’ll be out there.
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  18. Yeah I don’t think there’s a need to tell her. It hasn’t leaked and hopefully it won’t. And those of us who wanted it have bought it. Let’s just enjoy the songs and discuss them here. She’s going to get the money anyway, so it’s a win-win.
  19. It’s been deleted from bleep :)
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  20. Well, lucky us, I guess.
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