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Róisín Murphy - Take Her Up To Monto

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by andidee5, Apr 17, 2016.

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  1. Get ‘em, Ró.
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  2. Unless you are Robyn and you see people every day pleading for Honey to be released. She must feel the power.
  3. Could be worse tho. Florrie thread worse.
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  4. I hope Róisín has read my rant defending her! Hoping for some merch. jk
  5. Well, over the last ten pages or so every album has been both claimed to be the best by some and simultaneously the worst by others. So if she's reading this, she's not getting any wiser from us.

    As long as we keep checking up on @luluthecat, before:
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  6. We don't deserve her
  7. I do
  8. Same. We are the chosen people.
  9. Roisin should borrow some Joshua Beaty. And i´d love to see her in Viktor&Rolf archive.

  10. [redacted] 9h9 hours ago
    Replying to @roisinmurphy
    If anyone is pretentious it's those vultures on popjustice [emoji] They only care about making sassy remarks and getting the like button hit. Been banned there like 3 times. [emoji] So I just read now for music updates.
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  11. I mean, they're not wrong.
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  12. At the start of the day too...
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  13. Popjustice members’ failed and desperate attempt to go for that club kid easthetic for the video shoot: 4A9194DC-D31F-4DB6-89ED-8A88A6A8816F.jpeg
    *makes sassy remark while also supporting Róisín in every way that I can*
  14. Wonder who this was. I can't help but think that if you've been banned from somewhere three times, perhaps there's a pattern worth addressing...

    (Also, I feel sad for her if she is indeed reading the forums. Ro, if you see this, I believe in you!!!)
  15. I’m living for this attempt at redacting in spite of the hyperlinks and, you know, the internet in general.
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  16. Sweet Jesus SHE KNOWS!

    (Jacuzzi Rollercoaster is divine by the by, if you happen to see this. It made me go all googly inside.)
  17. K94


    Roisin sis - we come in peace

    When she discovers ATRL/Gaga Daily

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  18. If you've been banned from this forum 3 times, you've gotta be pretty awful..........I've only been banned from 'Madonna 14th Album' ha - but that should thread should be closed down anyway......
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  19. Imagine Jessie or Meghan reading their threads.
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  20. Seeing as some people on here call her 'Jessie Jesus' I imagine she probably does.
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