Róisín Murphy - "The Universe" + Hit Parade (Sep 8)

Also it's scorching summer down here in Brazil, sorry to the northern hemisphere girlies.

My first listen to CooCool was on a bus with snow coming in through an open window.

CooCool is okay. The structure feels a bit cramped and I wish it gave itself more room to breathe. I feel like there could be more instrumental moments, the song almost rushes me from verse to chorus to verse.

It sounds so rich and lush though, it feels decadent. And she sounds as incredible as ever, her voice is top tier.

I can’t wait to see the visuals for the track - has she mentioned a video at all?
CooCool is amazing.
Róisín Machine was in my Top 3 of 2020. I predict Hits Parade will have a similar placing this year!