Róisín Murphy - "The Universe" + Hit Parade (Sep 8)

Inland Empire

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Even though we've been absolutely besieged by machine-learning art in most visual mediums for the last year or so and I'm mostly numb to it at this point, the single cover for this is genuinely haunting me for some reason. I can't stop thinking about it
I keep thinking it looks like...a racist caricature from another dimension?? It's really uncomfortable to look at and not just in the way AI art usually is.
I've been in a Róisín kick the past month or so (specifically the Overpowered era thanks to finally tracking down all the singles), so CooCool couldn't have come at a better time. I am giving Hairless Toys my first listen today, wish me luck girlies! I only know the Overpowered/Róisín Machine albums in full. Everything else I have cherry picked which I am trying to correct.
Although I'm just a casual fan, I really like Roisin, although usually the poppies stuff. This song is not what I expected, I like!