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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by andidee5, Apr 17, 2016.

  1. Her IG post after this one is... a choice.
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  2. She's sooo great!!! What a fanstastic era!!!! The last two tracks are killers!!!!
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  3. Finally got around to listening to Taker Her Up to Monto, and WHEW.
    Littest collection of elevator music ever! I'm bopping.
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  4. She's done a lot of collabs over the years, what are your favorites? I only now downloaded them all, everything from The Truth to that weird spoken intro the came out few months ago.

    On first listen i loved Royal T and Broadecia the most. I also had no idea Never Enough was her song! I knew that song my whole life, it gets regular radio airplay here.
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  5. It depends on my mood. Some days it's Never Enough, other days it's Yellow Moon.
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  6. I would say my favourites are Never Enough, Yellow Moon, Invisions and Boadecia.

    Not a huge fan of 7 Hills.
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  7. When I listened 7 Hills for the first time, well, i did not see thatcoming from her.

    I think out of all that i remember right now, my least faves were Don't You Agree and the one with The Feeling.

    She performed Demon Lover last week here, and i still can't find anywhere that song, or even if it's official, demo, just a live version, can someone fill me up?
  8. Even Betty Boo couldn't make The Feeling sound good so I know what you mean.
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  9. I actually expected a lot from that song since i loved the one with Sophie
  10. Demon Lover has been never officially released, however there is one remix online and live version from Victor & Rolf fashion show in 2009.

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  11. So random, we don't even have official studio version out, why is she performing song then?
  12. There are 2 remixes - you’re forgetting the YILA Remix of the song.
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  13. Song was commisioned to be mixed with different persons, I believe at the time that's the way she was woking; as an example is Leviathan (Do it yourserlf) this song was premiered alongside with Demon Lover (Listed I believe also as Billionaire) and Momma's Place on various DJ sets, so far:

    Demon Lover and Levitathan had different mixes, very club and dance, in the end just Leviathan saw the light with Freeform and the final result was far from what on Dj sets could be heard.

    Demon Lover is one of those songs Róisín's been asked on twitter a million times, and I guess she refuses to give it to us; anyway, this time it's been included as a kinda interlude on the tour.

    As well as Flash of Light that has been performed at selected dates, this one is a collaboration Luca C & Brigante + Róisín.

    Orally Fixated has never ever been performed live, neither on DJ sets, and this came at the time Demon Lover and Momma's Place were heard, 2010?
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  14. Why doesn't she just get Luca C & Brigante to redo Demon Lover and release the song already?
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  15. I feel like Róisín is still pissed about Demon Lover.
    People on here seem to really want to have it now, but I remember that it was butchered back then because of the raps.

    And Ró just wasn’t having it. I think she even posted in her own forum and defended the song, saying that the raps belong to it.
    I bet it sucks to have your creative decisions questioned so badly.
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  16. I thought Demon Lover remains unreleased as she did not get a version she was 100% happy with?
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  17. I´m with her on that.
  18. So Jacuzzi Rollercoaster / Can’t Hang On are coming out September 14th, and The Rumble / World's Crazy October 19th.

    I love last 4 songs, so 4 songs by the end of the year makes whole album. It would be great if she decided to release it as a whole.
  19. These songs were already available to buy on Bleep, don’t know if they still are. I don’t think they are as strong as the first two singles (minus Innocence which I find most boring of the 8).

    Prefer her work with Eddie, Hairless Toys and THUTM are perfect to me.
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