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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by andidee5, Apr 17, 2016.

  1. Or not.
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  2. I'm kinda interested in Moloko albums (and Overpowered), for how much you would be selling all 5?

  3. Agreed! And, I'm so glad she's doing this. Her Hairless Toys videos were brilliant demonstrations of what an interesting audio-visual artist she is.

    Also, thanks for the introduction to Fat White Family. Really digging their sound (feels a bit The Horrors-meets-Clinic) and judging by their most recent video, they probably got on well with Roisin. Just the right balance of oddball weirdness and visual flair on a budget...

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  4. Agreed haha! As much as I love the videos for Overpowered and LMK, HT videos are the ones that have more rewatch value for me.

    And now I feel very encouraged to check out Fat White Family's stuff, thanks!
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  5. Just saw..

    Sunday 19th May Boiler Shop, Newcastle
    Monday 20th May SWG3, Glasgow
    Friday 24th May All Points East, London
    Saturday 1st June Primavera, Barcelona
    Sunday 23rd June Release, Athens
    Sunday 28th July Standon Calling, Hertfordshire
    Sunday 4th August Dekmantel, Amsterdam
    Wednesday 7th August Lokerse, Lokeren
    Saturday 24th August, Poland, Fest Festival
    30th August - September 1st Electric Picnic - SOLD OUT
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  6. The Roisin directed video is out:

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  7. Ha! Love it. Hope she directs some more.
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  8. Did I miss anything? Is she releasing new music? Not that she has to in order to tour, but wouldn't it be amazing?
  9. Lol don't really know what's comming, but I'm glad she's been booked for those festivals, and solo dates.


    Sunday 19th May Boiler Shop, Newcastle
    Monday 20th May SWG3, Glasgow / SOLD OUT
    Friday 24th May All Points East, London*

    Saturday 1st June Primavera, Barcelona*
    Sunday 23rd June Release Athens Festival, Athens*
    Friday 28th June Groove Quake Festival*

    Sunday 28th July Standon Calling, Hertfordshire*

    Sunday 4th August Dekmantel, Amsterdam*
    Wednesday 7th August Lokerse, Lokeren*
    Saturday 24th August, Poland, Fest Festival*

    30th August - September 1st Electric Picnic / SOLD OUT*

    * Summer Festivals <3
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  10. Athensaustria* tho
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  11. Recently Roisin appeared in John Doran's podcast The Best Of Times, available on Apple.

    She was also interviewed by Dazed along with Fat White Family about their collaboration. Love how enthusiastic she is about them - not gonna lie, I was encouraged to check out their stuff because of Roisin. Not everything they do is my cup of tea, but they are rather intriguing. Supportive queen!
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  12. So I just got the Overpowered reissue vinyl today. I'm very disappointed with the fact it's not a gorgeous gatefold... It's quite nothingy design wise... Still love it though, great colours, beautiful colours.
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  13. So earlier today I finally got to listen to the Best Of Times podcast and apparently we should expect the new DJ Parrot produced single in spring. April is coming to an end so it seems we'll have to wait till May. Roisin described it as a "disco power house" tune.

    It was a lovely chat, she quite extensively discussed the final days of Moloko among other interesting topics. She was very complimentary about Calvin Harris and Cathy Dennis, saying the latter's attitude in the studio stayed with her to this day. She said herself that she was probably mad not to include the stuff they recorded together on Overpowered. A highly recommended listen.
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  14. ÑNN @ this revisionism.

    ^The smash that never was.
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  15. ...um what an idiot. I'm glad I unstanned Calvin ages ago.
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