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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by andidee5, Apr 17, 2016.

  1. I would love to hear the second song that they did called Don’t Let It Go To Your Head Boy
  2. It's already May, hoping to see what changes are coming on the tour, if any changes are possible, would love to hear in the setlist:

    Let Me Know
    Flash of Light
    Take My Hand
    Ancora Tu
    Tell Everybody
    Ramalama Bang Bang
    It's Nothing
    Momma's Place

  3. The comments are, predictably, a fucking disaster.
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  4. Oh, Róisín.

    Just stick out the Moloko reissues.
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  5. Seriously, what is her problem now and why is she so insecure?
  6. Can someone explain that picture to me?
    They made Gaga's Met dress into a tent ("camp"), but who's that woman inside and what does it mean?
  7. Overpowered with kerrazzy hats flopping while The Fame sold ten milli.
  8. HA! Love it.

    A true example of popINjustice in the modern era. I can listen to Overpowered from start to finish with b-sides/bonus tracks but I deleted like half of The Fame (Japanese Edition).
  9. pdf


  10. Yeah, I posted about it. She was a really enthusiastic interviewee, she and John Doran had a great chemistry together.

    I thoroughly enjoy Roisin's podcast, recently I listened to the episodes I'd missed before and I think you can tell that she is keen to get to know her guests. It's really cool that each of the invited artists make a playlist of 10 tracks and the final segment of every episode is devoted to discussing said playlists. It's a great way to explore new music, from obscure tunes to pop classics etc.
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  11. There's a new NME interview where a lot of Moloko trivia is discussed
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  12. Me just discovering her mad hatted ness covered Pulp on a b-side of their Bad Cover Version single...! How did that pass me by??
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  13. Roisin doesn't remember it either so don't be too hard on yourself haha
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  14. pdf


  15. I guess everything is in the past, since the song saw the light with Sophie Ellis Bextor, a remix was also done by Calvin; and can’t remember where but on an interview Róisín said things were fine; he was so young at the time, so his reaction seems obvious, although I really want to hear the other song
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  17. Hmmm ... not so sure ... Harris was just finding his feet in the business after a few bedroom produced hits and the excitement of working with Dennis and Roisin must have been huge, only to be discarded at the last gasp (especially as she had had only 3 hit-ish singles by that point).

    Plus, I’m guessing he had basic working expenses to cover that weren’t due to the tracks being dropped from the project.

    BTW, I’m no Calvin Harris fan (When I Go To Vegas, aside) but can see why a guy in his 2nd year in the business was pissed at being dicked about and losing a huge chance.
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  19. I will die if the setlist at Primavera is more or less that. The Overpowered and Hairless Toys songs are just the perfect selection, and then Forever More and Ten Miles High...
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