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Róisín Murphy

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by andidee5, Apr 17, 2016.

  1. She was pretty incredible. She just has so much energy that just doesn’t give up at all.
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  2. Yeah, this setlist has me super excited.

    I imagine 'Overpowered' is played passive-aggressively on a theremin or something, but I'll take it. She never fails to deliver anyway...
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  3. Any info if Demon Lover was just one verse (like last summer) or full song?
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  4. How is Plaything live? It's my favorite of the new(er) songs. The way it builds and builds is just thrilling.
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  5. It’s kinda interlude, yet it works as an introduction to YKMB, but it works great!
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  6. It’s great!! People scream loud when this comes, the performance is great, Róisín’s voice never fails.
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  7. So nothing has changed. Hopefully she will release it at some point.
  8. I highly recommend everyone to listen to the Table Manners episode with Roisin. She addressed the Robyn tweet (being nothing but complimentary of Robyn) and explaining the issue she has with others being "inspired" by her (context is the key, that's why a listen is very important), her MET Gala experience, the Pete Tong tweet ("Play my fucking record!"), playing in Berghain and many other topics.

    The whole thing was hilarious, I was howling at Jessie's mum who mistook Roisin for a sitter just because Ro arrived an hour earlier for the interview! If Sing It Back was playing in the background, she would've known it was Roisin!

    Another cute moment for me was Jessie saying that she'd like to go clubbing with Roisin but she feared she'd not be able to keep up! It was obvious how much love and respect Jessie has for her guest.

    I'm in love with all three, they had a such a great chemistry! I think this is one the most informative chats ever when it comes to music and business related stuff. Also they talked about some of the things from Roisin's private life that I'd never heard before and it came out totally unforced. Simply lovely.
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  9. I had never listened to the podcast before yesterday and loved the Róisín episode so much I haven’t listened to anything else but the podcast this weekend! Róisín is definitely one of the best guests they’ve had. So funny, I loved every bit.
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  10. Her suggestion in the podcast that Robyn clearly had no creative input into her own video was actually pretty uncomfortable.
  11. I loved the podcast but not too familiar with Roisin in today’s music, but I took her completely the way Lenny did which was she was a tad rude at times. But very interesting listen - she’s a strong minded woman which I love.
  12. What on Earth? New music?

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  13. She looks great (not that she usually doesn't) there!
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  14. I hope that picture is real and not photoshopped.
  15. I thought it was Kim Cattrall.
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  16. Omg yes, this is that vinyl only release. It's a bawp
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  17. I was hoping for a brand new song, but Incapable is fucking amazing!
    Love Roisin's look here.
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  18. ......hope it’s slightly different from the vinyl version (I know it won’t be).
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  19. Please tell me it’s finally being released. I’ve waited too long for this.
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  20. Seems a couple of weeks ago, some stories were posted, and I was thinking they recorded a video or something, really strange, Incapable was listed some time ago on digital stores, then a 12" Vinyl came out, hopefully we can get the Digital Version soon <3
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