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Róisín Murphy

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by andidee5, Apr 17, 2016.

  1. Hairless Toys is all 10/10s. It might be her best album.
  2. Exploitation is one of her finest moments
  3. HT is my favourite album by her along with RB. She delivered after the break.
  4. Róisín was what I listened to all the time while depressed, and somehow she was the only thing that could get my head off of the loop of misery. Some time later I traveled abroad for the first time ever and listened to Take Her Up... during the whole trip since she released it exactly while I was there. I was in Rome in the day of her concert and only knew of it the day after... Either way, I love everything she's put out (the albums more than the newer solo tracks) and this new track is no exception.
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  5. I feel ya! At the time I discovered Róiín, was extremely depressed, somehow, her music and sense of style were a really important part to give some steps away from depression.
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  6. Does anybody know how many copies of Flash of Light Vinyl exists? I'm surprised this is a very difficult record to find.
  7. There is no more new here.... :-( do you have some news about the Statues LP reissue that was planed this year ?
  8. Róisín giving me everything I need today.

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  9. What a missed chance to name it INCAPABLE REMIXES!
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  11. Can’t see this being mentioned elsewhere but HomoElectric royalty Roisin is playing at this, for anyone interested. Should be pretty fab.

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  12. Fact : do you know that during the Statues Tour, they played "Over & Over" and "Should've been, Could've been" ? If someone got some records of that, it would be nice to share !

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  14. My guess it's because now Incapable is the "new" song; The Rumble sounds great live, was able to hear it in Newcastle and Glasgow, here are some snippets from both shows.

    As or the new mix, my guess it's about Unputdownable, it's a completly new mix, it sounds fantastic, probably said this before but remided me of Movie Star Kid Gloves Remix Live, kinda has that vibe.

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  15. I love her!
    I wish she would tour outside of the UK/Europe.
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  16. thank you so so much for the link!
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  17. Roisin Murphy is finally coming back to Australia this December.
    She last toured here In 2008 I think?
    She’s playing Meredith Festival in Victoria.
    But most Meredith acts also do side shows in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.
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  18. YYYAAAASSSSS Sydney sideshow please.
    And sing some of Overpowered please.
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  19. Statues really is that bitch. Familiar Feeling and Forever More are absolute powerhouse songs. The tanks that cleared the way for Overpowered.
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