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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by andidee5, Apr 17, 2016.

  1. I understand why she doesn't perform that anymore. It's a beast of a piece to perform without backup vocals, be they pre-recorded or live. It sounds a little flimsy. Plaything sometimes sounds like that too, sadly. She is pulling out all the stops, though!
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  2. commences heavy breathing

    That's practically in my backyard! December's gonna be a good month :)
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  3. Anybody remember if she mentioned working with anyone for the upcoming album? It'd be so cool if she did some more tracks with Crooked Man.

    And I'm so happy for anyone that gets to see her live--she's incredible. I saw her a couple years ago, and hearing Forever More after having been a Moloko fan since the early 2000s was a full-circle moment for me.
  4. How lucky!
    I am crossing fingers she will do a Sydney sideshow.
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  5. Yeah I'm hoping for a Melbourne one too - a ticket to Meredith is $406!
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  6. WOW! That is $$$$$
  7. She's not exclusive to the festival, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane shows are all very likely.
  8. I hope so!
    The festival is only 1 hour from Melbourne so maybe only Sydney/Brisbane sideshows.
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  9. The show in Poland was very good and I got a chance to meet her - she was staying at the same hotel on the same floor as I! I got starstruck and just thanked for the concert and probably mumbled something ))

    Oh and it was so cool to hear a little bit of The Rumble as part of Forever More! And that Unputdownable mix is amazing!
  10. Really happy for you!!!
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  11. Dimitri From Paris is quite capable (as always).
    What a Disco Bonanza!

    The other remix that´s part of the package does nothing for me.
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  12. The Dimitri from Paris & Aeroplane remix is really fucking good. Wish there was a radio edit though
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  13. Australian Tour announced.
    No Brisbane so I'll be travelling to the Sydney show.

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  14. I'll see you at the Sydney show.
  15. I only listened to the remixes this evening = I'm absolutely obsessed with the one you posted! So life-affirming and sassy! The other one is fine but nothing spectacular, I think it's too repetitive and simple for my liking.
  16. Anybody knows if there will be a physical release ? The artworks are amazing !
  17. Got my ticket for Sydney!
    And - a meet & greet - she's so fabulous and gorgeous - I need a photo!!
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