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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by andidee5, Apr 17, 2016.

  1. A bop.
  2. I wonder what label her next project is going to be on? Maybe PIAS again? It seems as though maybe an album will (hopefully) be the next thing she moves on to. I do notice that incapable is through Warner based on what I see in the info section under the video which is interesting
  3. I know for a fact that is indeed making a "proper album 'album'", hadn't noticed that Incapable was put out on Warner, that's very interesting indeed!! I'd love her to get some proper backing from a larger label.
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  4. "Incapable" is nice. The cover art is several degrees more standard/conventional than her usual, which is nice too.
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  5. Which ones? Asking, because I'm working on that playlist.
    Incapable is SO GOOD.
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  6. I'm seriously bopping to this, but as much as a I love it, I wouldn't want a whole album on the same style. This funky-loop thing works best as a one-off thing.
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  7. These kind of tracks are hard to get right. They´re like clockwork mechanics. If one piece is out of place, the whole thing collapses in on itself and it gets boring. I honestly feel that her last few 12" releases actually didn´t get it right. Nothing really grabbed me.
    Evertime I listen to Incapable I get locked into the groove from 1:44 onwards and when it fades after over 8 minutes I´m always surprised that its all over so soon. Quite an achievement for a track that has no real release for all the tension it builds. It just flows and ebbs and washes over you while the relentless groove and Roisins delicate delivery keeps pulling you along. It´s a modern deep-house classic already!
    It could be longer...
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  8. Ok, I'll go ahead and say it: This is better than anything she did with Fulton.

    For me, this is her best track since "Mastermind" and "Discomfort of Strangers".
  9. For the record: Anyone who likes Incapable should definitely check out the albums by Crooked Man, who wrote and produced this.
    Especially their second album Crooked House from last year is really, really good.
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  10. Simulation and Jealousy (House Version) have a similar sound.
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  11. They've fixed the ending of the edit of Incapable thank God.
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  12. I've realised how similar this is to EBTG's 'Five Fathoms'.

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  13. The hook in Incapable is so fucking addictive and groovy that I barely even notice when the 8 minutes pass (I'm a fan of long edits in general). It's such a pleasant listen, especially while walking in the sunshine (sorry Sunshine the song!)
    I remember listening to the snippet of this on the Juno Records website over and over along with the other 2 songs from the same record, All three sounded delicious.
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  14. I find "Incapable" to be a much more dynamic track than "Simulation" (which I really like) and "Jealousy" (which I find challenging to get through)
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  15. I agree about the House Version of Jealousy but the Disco Version is one of my all time faves from her.
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  16. Exactly, I´m afraid that if I listen to it on headphones while walking down the street, I will instantly strut down the pavement like a pimp!
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  17. Now release Narcissus, Demon Lover and Gamble on You. Do that challenge.
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  18. I am lost in this song
  19. Add Silent Running, Earn It and Don’t Let It Go To Your Head Boy To that list.
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