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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by andidee5, Apr 17, 2016.

  1. It was one of her stories. She was editing a video herself dancing to Narcissist in front of a green screen dressed all Raffaella Carra.
  2. I hope this means she is (finally) releasing Narcissus digitally.
  3. .....I've heard this new mix is a cassette exclusive.
  4. Wasn't the original version a cassette exclusive too? What is she doing!
  5. ...it was just a lil' joke ;-D
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  6. Naughty Lulu!
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  7. Demon Lover next please.
  8. Seconded!
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  9. "I know what it means!"

    The indignation! So cute.
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  10. The haircut and the green screen and that beat?

    Reminds me of Moloko a lot.
  11. The beat is Royal T (House of House Remix), wonder what she's up to?
  12. I love her ongoing commitment to Royal T when most people wouldn’t even acknowledge a collaboration they did with an obscure act for an album track.
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  13. I agree but then again it’s one of her best ever tracks.
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  14. Exactly. She knows not to let it rot.
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  15. Could be visuals for the HomoBloc event coming up.
  16. Well:
    - wasn’t it a track recorded for album #3 initially?
    - it’s a bloody amazing song
  17. Well they might be "obscure" now, but Crookers were fairly popular back when she worked with them. Also Royal T goes off quite like nothing else in her discography. Had they put it out as single back then with a video and everything it probably would be considered one of Róisín's many classics by now.
  18. Crooker‘s „Tons of Friends“ was actually a pretty exciting and fun project back in the day because it featured so many of my favourite acts. I think I read somewhere that the initial plan was to record one song only with Roisin (Hold Up Your Hand) but since they had a few hours studio time left they quickly recorded Royal T spontaneously. Amazing.
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