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Róisín Murphy

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by andidee5, Apr 17, 2016.

  1. She's not exclusive to the festival, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane shows are all very likely.
  2. I hope so!
    The festival is only 1 hour from Melbourne so maybe only Sydney/Brisbane sideshows.
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  3. The show in Poland was very good and I got a chance to meet her - she was staying at the same hotel on the same floor as I! I got starstruck and just thanked for the concert and probably mumbled something ))

    Oh and it was so cool to hear a little bit of The Rumble as part of Forever More! And that Unputdownable mix is amazing!
  4. Really happy for you!!!
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  5. Dimitri From Paris is quite capable (as always).
    What a Disco Bonanza!

    The other remix that´s part of the package does nothing for me.
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  6. The Dimitri from Paris & Aeroplane remix is really fucking good. Wish there was a radio edit though
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  7. Australian Tour announced.
    No Brisbane so I'll be travelling to the Sydney show.

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  8. I'll see you at the Sydney show.
  9. I only listened to the remixes this evening = I'm absolutely obsessed with the one you posted! So life-affirming and sassy! The other one is fine but nothing spectacular, I think it's too repetitive and simple for my liking.
  10. Anybody knows if there will be a physical release ? The artworks are amazing !
  11. Got my ticket for Sydney!
    And - a meet & greet - she's so fabulous and gorgeous - I need a photo!!
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  12. Roisin’s doing a Meet & Greet??! Seems very un-roisin.
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  13. If it means $$ for the next album, why not.
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  14. Mama needs THAT coin!
  15. Really? Meet and greet for AUS? That's fantastic!!!
  16. Ruby Blue is included in The Guardian's top 100 albums of 21st century list (placed at no. 97). Really happy for this choice - I have the impression that upon its release it got a lot of praise and recognition but eventually became quite underrated. To me it is one of the most spectacular solo debuts ever - what an album to kickstart your career outside of the group. The production sounds insane, I adore everything about that era.
    If someone asked me to recommend any video of Roisin performing live, I'd choose any performance of Dear Diary. The energy that this song has, the lyrics, the instrumentalization, the vocals, the part when the band starts improvising with Roisin shaking the tambourine like a lunatic - hats off!
  17. I'm all right with everything you said ! And I think this album is clearly underrated !
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  18. Severely underrated!! Such a treat to see it on there!! But obviously that list means nothing as they've also forgotten to include Statues and Overpowered.
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  19. She's doing it dressed as a large citrus fruit.
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