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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by andidee5, Apr 17, 2016.

  1. I wish I could get into all of her albums... Yeah you guessed it, I'm one of those basic ones who worship Overpowered, but can't connect with other albums.
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  2. Don't get me wrong, I love Overpowered, but would it ever be my album of choice from her discography? No!
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  3. Overpowered is fun. But it sounds a bit dated in sound production compares to Ruby Blue or Hairless Toys which are amazing pieces of work. I understand why many people felt in love with Overpowered because it's a easy listening pop/dance records. But, in my opinion, this is like an "exception" in her discography, it's not representative of the whole artist she is. But I'm can't be really objectiv... I discover her with "where is the what if the what is in why" when she was singing in Moloko group and I was (and still) a big fan of trip-hop and weird electronic music... Overpowered was a kind of difficult stage for me... But I finally give it some credits with time. And the tour was amazing, one of her best.
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  4. I know that stating a production sounding "dated" is sometimes a bit of a subjective thing.
    There are records where you can definitely mark their production date in a calendar and their "freshness" only lasts for a certain window in time.
    Then there are records with a dated "feel", but they still maintain a certain timeless element.
    I would argue that all of Roisins albums are actually quite "timeless".
    The production of Ruby Blue certainly sounds dated "early to mid-2000" because Herbert was quite prolific with his distinct production style.
    Overpowered used polished disco and house production for the most part. By the time the album was released these sounds/techniques were universal. There´s nothing specific "of its time" that would date the album as a 2007 release. The acid-house belches on the title track, the lush disco-house of You Know Me Better, the rolling deepness of Dear Miami, the faux-Bobby O.- mayhem of Movie Star...every song on the album could have been released between 1991 and 2020 and nobody would notice. The album could contain Moloko´s Sing It Back and it wouldn´t sound out of place. It´s mostly pure, timeless pop.

    With Hairless Toys/Monto she even went further with "citing" sounds and sonic referrences of the last 30 years. The influences are so interwoven with each other, that it´s almost like a library of sound. (Or a Sound Museum as Towa Tei titled one of his albums). There´s nothing on these albums that would date their "era", except for the date that´s printed on the sleeve.
    With that being said: Toys/Monto are hardly pop music.
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  5. lol no
  6. I don't think Overpowered sounds particularly dated?
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  7. Or Ruby Blue and Hairless Toys being better.
  8. I haven’t really gotten into Róisín Murphy after 2011 but Overpowered and Ruby Blue are top notch albums to this day and are far more satisfying and “fresh” (a buzzword) than what’s on the charts now.
  9. Hairless Toys is so flawless I wouldn’t change anything about it.

    I’d rank Overpowered bottom of the 4 albums but I’m a pretentious avant-garde type I guess.

    Hairless Toys
    Ruby Blue
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  10. Imagine preferring plink plonk to a classic album of well-crafted, super inspired, career-building anthems. Can't relate.
  11. I boldened the words, where something must have fallen on your keyboard and sorted them.
  12. It's so sad she only has one solo studio album, Cry Baby and Movie Star are unbelievable. I wonder where she went? Does anyone think global warming is a good thing? I love Lady Gaga. I think she's a really interesting artist.

  13. Geez I hope so!!! I'll wear sequins!
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  14. As much as I like Roisin, I'd kill for another Moloko record.
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  15. Yeah, sorry, you got me. Overpowered kicks off with a great song but the the rest is painfully generic dance pop. Super-inspired? Super-insipid, more like. I was so disappointed at the time. It might as well have been called A&R - The Album.

    Ruby Blue, Hairless Toys and THUTM may well be less accessible but they're much better albums. Plus I don't there's anything on Overpowered that has a melody as strong as, say, "Sew Into You" or "Through Time".
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  16. Don't be daft.
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  17. What can I say? Each to their own...
  18. Monto is your wacky uncle, Toys is like a glass slipper, Ruby Blue is the confession of an alien via interpretive dance, and Overpowered is that one weirdo neighbourhood cat who just wants to be loved by everyone. Point is they're all different, but all unmistakably Roisin. Trying to say that one is better than another is just weird.
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  19. I... think I need to unfollow this thread. "Overpowered" is clearly the best, and that's that on that. She doesn't get to play "wounded artisté" while making inaccessible music, and that album is the reason she can still tour successfully.
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  20. I would argue that MOLOKO is probably still her biggest asset for booking tours.
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