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Róisín Murphy

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by andidee5, Apr 17, 2016.

  1. When she posts on her Story, it's gone after 24 hours.
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  2. my gosh, did you see that ?
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  3. I never noticed Maleloko man was a hottie?
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  4. Very excited about „new” version of Narcissus!
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  5. 8.11.19 - Narcissus (possibly)

    Edit - @Glow and @Deer Stop beat me to it.
  6. The „Be in love, be in love, be in love with me...” quote comes from the Narcissus, the cassette rip can be heard here. As I remember from the InstaStory, the „new” version is 7:39 long and sounding more like Incapable/House Of Glass Maurice Fulton remix.
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  7. God I freaking love the original Narcissus, but if it's going to be even more house sounding in the vein of her latest offerings than I couldn't be more excited! She's absolutely spoiling us.
  8. She might include the original on a remix EP perhaps?
  9. aux


    I need a new album from her, Miss Roisin, I know you read this site, please feed me
  10. I am so here for a fully mastered reswizzle of Narcissus, it'll be a BANGER.

    As others mentioned I do also hope these deep-cut single releases are going to get tied into some kind of a larger project as the, general public really doesn't pay attention to these one-offs, no matter how brilliant they are.
  11. I see her Saturday in Manchester, which is amazing because I missed her here in Berghain. She is up directly after Robyn’s DJ set. I’ll die and go to heaven several times I guess.
  12. Have fun!!!!
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  13. Perched!
  14. Disco Róisín is my favorite Róisín.
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  15. I think she’s everyone’s favourite Roisin
  16. I never thought Ro would give me blue balls, but... here we are.
  17. I will say I'm hopeful that if there's ever an album someone will rethink that hideous Coverlandia-circa-2007 logo.

  18. Narcissus for Friday officially confirmed.

    She seems to be excited, seeing that she made a countdown for the release.
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