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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by andidee5, Apr 17, 2016.

  1. Oh my good god this sounds like such a beast of a song. She just instinctively gets it in terms of melody and the old sparkle is back. She's amazing.
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  2. I crackled at "not Lady GaGa"

  3. "not Lady Gaga but she's got her own thing, she's from Ireland"
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  4. This look is still everything.

    tenor (4).gif

  5. "If You're a Twat" was always my favorite track from Ruby Blue
  6. I genuinely love her commitment to being the saltiest.
  7. I wonder if she realizes Not Lady Gaga is her best album.
  8. I hate that her perpetual saltiness actually made me laugh this time. At least she's found another target besides Robyn, I guess? dd
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  9. What did she say about Robyn?
  10. She spent an embarrassing amount of social media space in late 2018 subtweeting Robyn for "copying" her by using 90s aesthetics in posters (I think even the same designer?) and doing rave-themed videos. I love Roisin and think she's tragically underrated, but it was...a lot.
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  11. That's quite the reach.

    But I have always thought she was at least a little justified in expressing concerns with early Gaga dddd
  12. It was really petty and stupid of her. I don't really know if she's always been that salty and it only took that for me to notice it or what, but it bothered me. Robyn basically paid her dust in response as I recall, which was the only correct way to go about it.

    As far as Gaga goes, she definitely has somewhat of a case with a lot of her looks during The Fame era, but then why not go after Kylie for doing the same thing around that time (editor's note: I feel like she did but I'm too lazy to check)? Ro's style during Overpowered also seemed to me to be heavily referencing Grace Jones, so it's not like she's the originator of Pop Fashion.

    Like I said, I'm not saying any of this to be a hater, I love her music and generally find her cool. I just kinda wish she'd pick her battles. Even bringing up Gaga swaggerjacking her now in 2020 feels a bit...old hat? Madonna at least had a little fun twisting the knife - Roisin's takes just seem genuinely mean-spirited and it kinda makes me sad for her, especially since the music itself has been great.
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  13. Kylie's aesthetic at the time never really had the same depth to it* the way both Ró's and Gaga's did, even if Kylie wore the exact same "Overpowered" Gareth Pugh dress. I honestly can't even explain it well, but the way people fell all over themselves to call Gaga a fashion innovator when Murphy was doing the same thing a year before is probably what sticks so hard. No, Ró is not Grace Jones. But she was definitely odd in an interestingly similar way that Gaga was very soon after.

    *I say this with nothing but love, because I think the X campaign has some of my favorite Kylie looks.
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  14. Nah, I get it. Grace herself was salty too (see Dorisgate) but also, like...Róisín sis it’s 2020. The Fame era was twelve years ago. Let it die and focus on you!
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  15. Isn't this the same period of time we got the "hello Peter Popjustice you big fucking bully" tweet? I think she was in her feelings about something because the salt leapt out nn

    Also where has the sudden vitriol for Gaga come from, I get she's never really liked her but the past week has been... a lot.
  16. The start of the “individual singles” era had Ro in her feelings. She was calling everyone out left, right and centre. I think she might have even snapped at me for a tweet that wasn’t event criticising her (but maybe was misread). I remember her definitely shouting into the ether about expectations, budgets etc. I think she’s very honest about how it must feel to be an artist that has to work to get things out there and keep their name alive but a lot of others keep quiet on that front. She’s not wrong... but she can be hella salty.

    The Robyn thing was stupid since Braulio created an entirely different set of visuals for her compared to Ro.
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  17. Yeah and I am sure this was the time she was making a plea for publications to interview her and talk about her new music as no one was.

    It was pretty hard to see.
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