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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by andidee5, Apr 17, 2016.

  1. This was literally all I came into the thread to say. We need help.
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  2. my 3/4 Irish upbringing and heritage is wincing at this.
    My Irish shame.
  3. "More "marketing" straight from the hart today, then some NEW MUSIC for you.."
  4. Looks like 'Mastermind' will be the first single off this, release date May 6th.
  5. We did, but you kept "2015" in the title, so it was bound to get buried.
  6. They seem to have removed Take Her Up To Monto from their site. I hope I didn't get anyone in trouble by bringing it up on social media...
  7. So the song is premiering tomorrow on Pitchfork if her @-ing them on Instagram is anything to go by.
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  8. Oh dear, I thought we were getting the song today. I know it's only one day more, but I am dying right now. I even woke up at 3 AM just for this! Oh well at least we're getting another snippet in a few minutes.
  9. I kind of wanted this to be called Take Her Up to Macclesfield.
  10. The new clip is pretty chill compared to the rest. And it's Monto just like Townsend Records had listed.
  11. YES I can't wait to finally hear this tomorrow. Can't wait for some decent music to get this lacklustre of a year going.

    Slay me Irish Goddess.
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  12. The new snippet reminds me of something that would play during an Aperture Science video in Portal.
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  13. What is "Take Her Up To Monto" supposed to mean? I googled it and saw that its an old folk song..

    I'm kinda confused. Did she just reveal the name of the song that is supposed to premiere tomorrow? Or is that the actual album title?
  14. Who knows. When 'Hairless Toys' was revealed I thought WHUT? But she always makes it work.
  15. Monto is a former red light district in Dublin, so I imagine the album will have themes relating to hedonism.
  16. No, yeah.. I know that. I read about Monto. My question was whether its meant that way, or if there's a different meaning to it..

    I find it funny that she went from not-so subtle dildo references to red-light areas..
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  17. I swear.. I hope she doesn't say anything as stupid as "actually I was singing 'monument' but it was misheard as 'monto'" ..

    I'm guessing the "hairless toys - monto" bit will be a part of every interview now. Its cheeky but I kinda like it.
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  18. If this is a cover...
  19. I'm expecting an interpolation.
  20. I think it'll be one of my questions when I go to the Q&A evening With Roisin in Manchester in May. SOOO many questions to ask. She really is a one true mystery.
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