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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by andidee5, Apr 17, 2016.

  1. Not sure if it's gonna be 1pm. The teaser videos were uploaded by Roisin on her own account, the article today will be posted by Pitchfork, which is American so it's still early over there. Fingers crossed though!

    I'd love for it to be the "HER" or "UP" track.
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  2. Fingers and toes.

    For me I'm wanting 'Her', 'Up' or 'To'.

    I'm hearing 'Uninvited Guest' similarities in the 'Up' teaser or is that just me.
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  3. It's the rhythm!
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  4. Guest member

    Guest member Guest

    That compilation of all the teasers is everything.
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  6. [​IMG]

    Take Her Up To Monto

    01 Mastermind
    02 Pretty Gardens
    03 Thoughts Wasted
    04 Lip Service
    05 Ten Miles High
    06 Whatever
    07 Romantic Comedy
    08 Nervous Sleep
    09 Sitting and Counting

    Amazing. "Mastermind" sounds really good as well! I think I recognise one or two of the clips, I'm not quite sure, though.
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  7. Oh my god that will look amazing on Vinyl. Loving the artwork.

    Another new picture
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  8. When the 'To' teaser music kicks in around 3:45 YESSSSSSSS!!!
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  9. oh. Well that was a bit of an anti-climax. I was looking forward to that - just a bit meh to me. Shame. I'm guessing this is a good indication to the album as well?
  10. A bit krautrock, this one. Cool to see her messing with synthpop again.
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  12. Unlike anything I' ve heard before. It's so good already.
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  13. You can pre-order the album as CD, double LP or CD/vinyl package on her online store, it includes signed copies and an immediate download of Mastermind.

    Yas queen
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  14. This is the song she teased 4 months ago!
  15. It's kooky.
  16. I love how easy this has all been, just dropping the track, track list with a short lead up.
    Excited to listen!

    Queen of spoiling us after a long absence!
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  17. This song is EVERYTHING I wanted it to be. Holy shit. Mutant sibling indeed.
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