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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by andidee5, Apr 17, 2016.

  1. Anyone else got the feeling that Hairless Toys was the female record, and that is the male one? The vocals on Mastermind vs. the other songs, the aesthetics, etc. Love it!
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  2. Well sounds nice. Guess I didn't care much for Gone Fishing when it dropped.
  3. The best part of the song.
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  4. That artwork is vile

    I like Mastermind though!
  5. This is actually incredible. Much more instant then Gone Fishing was...I think this album is honestly going to blow us away. I love the stark contrast of the last album cover to this one.

    She's gotten really great at cramming tons of cool ideas into each song without it feeling too cramped, almost creating a story for each. The song ebs and flows, picks up when you need it too, and hangs in the right places.
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  6. I love the line and how she sings

    "It's too easy,
    say, say.
    It's just like taking candy from a baaaaby"
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  7. Ordered a signed CD, looking forward to hearing Mastermind when I get home.
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  8. Mutant siblings aren't really soft on the eye are they.
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  9. "Mastermind" sounds a bit Overpowered x Hairless Toys.
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  10. Two lies.
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  11. I'm a visual person, i like the colours and harshness of it all.
  12. "Mastermind" is very good, and definitely better than "Gone Fishing" on first impression.

    The artwork is... tolerable.
  13. Yeah that artwork's a no.
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  14. I like the artwork in a so-bad-it's-good kind of way...

    Everything she does is just so effortlessly brilliant...this is already more immediate for me than anything from Hairless Toys, and I loved that...
  15. My reaction to the artwork is much the same as that of the woman in the pink coat.

    Song is solid.
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  16. Hairless Toys artwork was so fabulous, so I'm a little disappointed by the album cover, but song is so great! From start to finish it's like a journey.
  17. Tragic-est artwork ever, no kidding. Just why.
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  18. The other visual of her in the street is lovely, it would have made better album artwork.
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  19. I love everything about this! EVERYTHING. Maybe the lady with the pink coat on the cover a little bit more than the rest.
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