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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by andidee5, Apr 17, 2016.

  1. The pics are fine, the dafont.com letters and the logo... East 17 wannabe boyband signed to Telstar in 1996 teas.
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  2. I really like the cover. It instantly reminded me of the Overpowered photo shoot, actually.
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  3. I think it's intended to have that vibe though, no?
  4. I like the "workingman" theme of the album so far...the city landscape, construction, working class, the title hinting at her Oirish roots.

    Speaking of, she's totally going to interpolate that Monto song at some point isn't she?
  5. When I first saw the cover I said fuck this is so hideous! But actually I love it now,
    its so much into your face almost in a dada-istic way.

    The song is perfect! Go Rrrroisin!
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  6. The cover looks like a Popjustice graphic circa 2007.

    I like the song a lot but Gone Fishing got me more hyped. Hairless Toys was a bit tepid, so my trust in linearity gives me hope for Monto.
  7. I sent the new song to one of my besties (Overpowered Roisin ex-fan) and she just told me Roisin got her back now again!
    JAAA get those old fans of yours back to Roisin-world dahling!
  8. Hmmm.. The song is nice. Gone Fishing was much better for me.
  9. Is it not meant to have a hook or chorus?
  10. I'll go with your master plan
    I'll be putty in your hands
    You're the mastermind

    Is the chorus. Shame it only appears once.
  11. Not keen on the cover but that is so usually the case. The song was nice, loved the haunting vocals creeping up in the end.
  12. I like the song, well done everyone.
    Am I the only one hearing some kind of "We Dance To The Beat" and "Let The Music Play" hybrid?
  13. It's like the woman has some psychic sense as the lyrics to Mastermind fit perfectly with what happened to me on Friday night. God she is a genius.
  14. A&E


    Mastermind isn't as instant for me as Gone Fishing but I love the sound of it. It's actually not that far from Hairless Toys, quite a logical continuation of that approach (particularly structure-wise) but using a more vivid sonic palette. Can't wait for the full album.
  15. What else could you expect from the Queen of Reinvention? Brilliant, as always.
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  16. I got slight Robyn vibes from it as well. That's definitely not a bad thing, though.
  17. What a beguiling song. It definitely sounds like the other side of Hairless Toys' moon.

    The album cover is... intriguing.
  18. Just bought it on iTunes. For some reason its available for cheaper than usual.
  19. I...actually love the artwork?

    The song's good. I need to spend some more time with it.
  20. Its a grower.. Chorus, Murphy! There had better be choruses on the rest of the songs.
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