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Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Albums of All Time

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by An Insider, Sep 23, 2020.

  1. Stripped received 6 Grammy nominations. It was hardly panned.
  2. I know I said the amount of compilations/greatest hits was my main gripe, but to be honest the lack of non-English representation is nagging at me more and more.
    I took a quick look at which albums are mostly in a language other than English, and as far as I can tell there are only ten.
    One in German, seven in Spanish, one in Yoruba and one in Zulu.
    That's 10 out of 500- just 2% of the list.

    German's the highest at 238.
    No Spanish record places higher than 315.
    The average of all the Spanish rankings is 430!

    I understand the process of how they made this list and why that would skew English-centric, but to title it "best of all time" and have nothing in Hindi, nothing in French, nothing in Japanese...
    It's not terribly surprising but it is disappointing.
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  3. This is actually inaccurate and the album itself only got 1 nom for Best Vocal Pop Album. But I was referring to its Metacritic score which is only 55. That’s panned.
  4. I would consider nominations for the songs from the album also for the album. I would say that should be weighed in alongside Metacritic score, but that’s me.
  5. The way Britney stans took this half-truth and ran with it. It's in the library consisting mostly of donated materials. There is of excellence. There's Christina stuff in there too.

    Along with other greats like Vanilla Ice and Nickelback.
  6. The next decade one would probably (well, hopefully) have a more varied list as we see music trends in the US shifting before our eyes today.
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  7. What is up with this constant need to put down the iconic Stripped and Xtina's accomplishments?

  8. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    @BEST FICTION end ha.
  9. The list feels like a typical Rolling Stone/music jounro picture of the "best albums" but with few girls managing to get in the door thanks to the artist voters. I see some names lingering around the lower 300s and 400s that would never usually make the cut. The top end of the list is typical RS nonsense aside from a few moments of black excellence. Why not just make the Beach Boys number one like you really want to and call it a night?
  10. The way a thread with 500 albums featured still comes back to the age old Britney v Christina debate...

    It’s great that there is such a shift in terms of being more inclusive of Pop and Hip Hop. Let’s be honest having Lorde, Britney, Kelis and Robyn on a list normally dominated by dad rock is pop justice! It was never going to have Come and Get it featured was it.
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  11. Thank you!

    Here are my moans:

    Melodrama should be about 400 places higher.
    NO CARLY?!
    In Rainbows 100 places behind The Bends?
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  12. I thought I was back in 2002 for a minute there. Not that I'd mind, I seem to recall it being a lot more fun than 2020.

    Also, In Rainbows is clearly the best Radiohead album but you won't see any published list admitting as much in your lifetime.
  13. Happy to see Janet Jackson on there 3 times, although Control being 200+ places higher than Rhythm Nation seems slightly odd to me.

    And very happy Dixie Chicks made it too.
  14. Hounds Of Love at 68...

    I don't think
  15. This Indestructible Beat of Soweto album kind of slaps, though.

    (Yes, I'm listening through the list andwhataboutit.gif)
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  16. I don't engage with those particular people, sorry.

  17. Did Boltcutters miss the deadline also because otherwise, sorry what?

    Also surprised at no Emotion given the indie darling but pop’s cool resurgence it lead.

    Might be on my own here but thought Thank U Next might have got in, it could have taken Fine Line’s place.

    I like that theyre trying but that top100 is still Very ok boomer.

    Also Self-Titled should be higher than Lemonade. It changed everything.
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  18. But where is Ashlee Simpson’s Autobiography? Surely it’s exclusion was an accidental oversight. It would be in the top 10 if I made this list.
  19. I go back to this album (selectively) once in a while. Love Me For Me, Surrender and Nothing New are all great.
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