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Roman Polanski

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by nnnumb, Sep 29, 2009.

  1. I'm surprised there isn't a topic for this already.

    Anyway. Exceptionally talented director, but what does everyone think of his arrest?
  2. potatosalad

    potatosalad Guest

    What is there to say? If he really did rape the little girl then he deserves to be punished!
  3. It doesn't even matter what despicable things he's done. He was found guilty and should be punished. The End.

    I wonder what Roman would have said, had Charles Manson fled the country to avoid his sentence...
  4. He was convicted and did serve time for it. But it was then the case that the judge (and it has since been made clear there was misconduct involved) was going to impose a longer, further sentence and deportation. As I look as it - he simply deported himself.

    He did a horrible thing, but to read the Sun today you'd think he was a jet-setting film directing Gary Glitter and that's simply not the case.
  5. Deserved. Once a paedophile, always a paedophile.
  6. Who's never had a similar complaint about him in the thirty years since? I think if he had done anything like this since then someone would have come forward, especially in these tabloid years and with this previous case well known by everyone.

    (By the way, who is that in your avatar - I've never been able to place her?)
  7. He still did it though. No one just tries sex with a child on a whim.

    It's Stephanie Pratt by the way, during her Meth days.
  8. That explains why I've never been able to place her - I've never heard of her until this moment!
  9. I don't know what to think about this. Of course this is awful thing to do, but at the same time he already settled with the victim (and I'd imagine paid her a lot of money) + the victim wants the case to be dismissed.
  10. Polanski knew exactly what he was up to and knew the consequences of his actions both when committing his crime and when he fled the country.

    As for him serving time, 42 days of psychological evaluation is not exactly what most people would see as a fit punishment for drugging and raping a thirteen year-old. His victim has said that she wishes the press would give up on the story, the only person perpetuating it is Polanski thanks to his evasion of the law.

    If you rape someone you should be sent to jail. If you rape someone and flee the law, you should serve even more time.
  11. It is not our place to punish other people no matter how big or small the crime. If he was a danger to the public then yes lock him up but, as has been pointed out, he has not had a single other accusation against him in the many years so he is clearly not.
  12. That's why there are statues of limitation on less serious crimes, but surely in cases of rape, murder or the like there's a good reason for making sure these people pay for their crimes. There's more behind the idea of custodial sentences than keeping dangers to the public locked up. That's why 90 year-old Nazis are still being hunted down, despite many of them having committed no crimes since. The public already have a feeling that rich people can get away with crime, what message does letting Polanski evade justice send out?
    Remember, Polanski plead guilty, to rape.
  13. So essentially you're saying we can all rape one child each and wont be punished as long as we don't do it a second time?
  14. So were the comments - amazing how some people will drag completely irrelevant issues of their own into anything (there was stuff about republicans and democrats in there...what the bloody hell?!)

    I don't know, the whole thing is fucked up beyond belief really, and I think this is actually going to drag on for a looonngggg time. He did a completely horrible inexcusable thing, the courts fucked up, he fled when he shouldn't's all wrong.

    The one thing I have taken away from the accounts I've read today (since this thread opened) - where the fuck where her fucking parents and or guardians at these "photo shoots"? Seriously, acclaimed director or not, you don't leave your child alone with someone in that kind of situation. What, did they just leave her on the curb, drop off, pick up? Negligent fuckers. Christ, my sister and her friend were 15 and going to the busy swimming centre in the middle of town and I went to keep an eye on them from the gallery at the behest of my mum!
  15. This sort of thing has become infamous. I think that's sadly the way a large portion of the movie/modelling business works, but it rarely gets such widespread exposure.

  16. No I am saying that, with the benefit of time, locking him up is not going to contribute to the prevention or control of crime.

    I don't believe that there is.
  17. Very interesting piece, which pretty much sums up how I feel about it: The age issue is taking precedence over the fact that he raped a thirteen year old girl and has admitted to the crime. Just because he's managed to elude the U.S. authorities for thirty two years shouldn't and doesn't diminish that fact at all.

    He is a great director, but that doesn't excuse his actions. Sometimes good people do bad things and vice versa.
  18. passionoia

    passionoia Moderator

    Well no he didn't really serve time for it.

    He was charged with rape, a pretty horrific one (according to the testimony of the girl). However he was given the opportunity to avoid going to trial for it by pleading guilty to a lesser charge (motivated because a rape trial of such a high profile wouldn't be in the best interest for anyone, 13 year old victim included who would have been ripped to shreds regardless of whether she was telling the truth or not).

    He was ordered to go for a period of 'psychological evaluation' before sentencing, that was his 'time served'. And even then they accommodated this to his schedule. Because he'd done this 'evaluation' there was this expectation that his sentence would just be probation but then there was all this apparent dodgy stuff going on behind the scenes and the judge said he was gonna actually give him a custodial sentence and so he pissed off.

    There seems to be this idea he was the victim of a corrupt US legal system but the fact is the US legal system worked FOR him every single step of the way, lowering his charge, allowing him to work his career around all this. Shy of dropping the whole case altogether, pretty much everything was done to make sure things went his way, up to this one point which then made him decide to do a runner.
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