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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Up Down Suite, Mar 9, 2016.

  1. Thank you so much! I am well up to date with Inna's output so Gimme Gimme is already familiar. 'Call the Police' by G Girls and 'Say It with Your Body' by Inna were absolutely one of my fave songs of 2016.

    I enjoyed the song by Cardinale the most out of your recommendations. Not completely sold on the drop but everything else is great. 'Loco Poco' seems fun so saved that one too but was not that impressed by Irina.

    Keep the rombops coming!
  2. Another rombop incoming.

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  3. Just bumping here to say that Loredana is iconic
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  4. SCREAMING, she has become such a parody of Madonna yet she never mentions her as an inspiration. I feel so much second hand embarrassment from looking at what she does now.
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  5. I do really love songs as Buna Seara Iubito, I agree with you on her ''inspiration''

    I still don't know if I think Zig Zagga is amazing or terrible (Apa is a guilty pleasure though)
  6. I love romanian music so much! These are my bops right now:

    I will post songs I'm obsessed with in the future.
    Don't let this thread die.
  7. I agree so much with this. I mean, I love Loredana and her discography but dude, don't pretend you're authentic. She has great songs and taste and she executes amazing, but she needs to be more vocal about her inspirations.

  8. Mollie King did NOT come to play with you hoes
  9. Another great song from Antonia. This time done with Inna's producers.

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  10. Been a massive Inna fan for years and just discovered Antonia, loving what I am hearing.

    Any more suggestions? About to start hunting for other Romanian goddesses (other than Alexandra Stan)

  11. Some recent bops that I can think of on the top of my head, Andra and Delia are the top female artists here at the moment (besides Inna that also has success abroad, but locally - they're the biggest). Mira is a newcomer that I'm not exactly a fan of, but I lowkey like the song in its Crying in the Club messiness and the other Delia is another great newcomer, writes most of her songs and is STUNNING, especially in the video above. Enjoy, everyone! Here to help you with my local flops xo
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  13. Another new bop from (the clearly underrated) Antonia.
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  14. Antonia is a queen. Her release streak has been crazy high quality as of late. Iubirea Mea was great too last summer.

    I didn’t realise this thread existed or I’d have been chatting away with you. I only started following the Romanian music scene last year but it’s SO good across the board. Raluka’s Undone, Irina Rimes’ Beau and Nicole Cherry’s Ceasul are some of my super recent faves.

    Excited for new Alina Eremia incoming next week:

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  15. INNA and Antonia are fantastic. Never thought I'd get to see INNA on tour but she's doing the States.....consider me perched. Any clues what to expect from the set?

  16. bops!
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  17. Just found out that according to Wikipedia she's 29 and has had time to give birth to (and hopefully raise) 3(!) children while churning out countless singles each year and looking hot.
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  18. I've been dwelving into Romanian pop more and more and I've been listening to AMI a lot lately.

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  19. More rombops from this summer!
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  20. Wig. This one cannot be escaped from, it's all over the radios. Quite a bop.

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