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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by passionoia, Oct 22, 2011.

  1. One of those musical movements that never quite happened.

    I just happened to be talking to a friend of a friend today who was talking to me about his involvement in Club Skinny and the whole Romo scene and I wondered if it had ever been brought up here? 'Cause as scenes go it was very 'Popjustice' I suppose.

    I vaguely remember it being there at the time... possibly reading the odd magazine article but was probably a bit too young at the time (it was more of a London club scene and I was a brummie not yet clubbin'). Beyond Orlando, that Hollywood track "Apocalypse Kiss" and a handful of Belvedere Kane tracks I suppose it passed me by... and only the former I kinda remember from the time (the last two being brought to attention a few years after).
  2. I loved Romo! This cassette was a key release;

    Some other excellent releases;

    Sexus - The Official End Of It All (my fave)

    Orlando - Just For A Second

    Plastic Fantastic - Fantastique No. 5

    Dex Dexter - Another Car Another Car Cash

    It's worth noting that Plastic Fantastic had nearly an album's worth of tracks which leaked onto the internet eventually and Dex from Dex Dexter had some solo releases and still regularly performs around the London cabaret scene in various guises.

    Also, I've tried very hard to get the Belvedere Kane album sampler (not really Romo I guess - just camp pop... but then they're quite similar to Sexus, so...) but even Barry Stone (their singer) wouldn't oblige. One of the tracks they did, 'Getting Away With Murder', became 'Murder' by electropop act, Massive Ego (produced by Jewels & Stone). It's basically a cover version, and very Dead Or Alive...

    There used to be several Romo sites, but they've all disappeared...
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