Romy (The xx) - Mid Air

Speaking about the sound of the album, the musician explained: “I’m excited to make it a lot more upbeat. It’s going to be fun.” After sharing a new song called ‘Weightless’, she added: “I guess one of the main inspirations and things that I love is club classics – Ibiza house, trance music, stuff that you can really dance to but also sing along to. What I realised was a lot of those club classics are big songs as well as just being fun to dance to.”

I am so excited.
I'm a sucker for anything the xx related so I'm excited for this! Wonder how her vocals and the sound she's aiming for will merge.
It's huge. Absolutely love it. Didn't expect to see FRED co-writing and co-producing a Romy single, and it's nice to see Jamie xx also worked on her solo project.

My only complain would be the cheap and unoriginal art direction but oh well. Reminds me of Hannah Diamond's Every Night cover.
The art direction goes perfectly with the song, which as I said sounds like a lost Yazz track.




Kii at this coming true:

Her set during Gou Talk was like a 90s Club Classics 3CD mix so I’m here for this.
Oh I like this! Its got that same DIY electropop vibe that I loved on Georgia’s album.

The Spotify Radio for this track is a dream too.. kicking straight into Disclosure/Kelis, HAIM and Jessie Ware. Radio 1 could never.
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