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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by TallMick, Mar 4, 2010.

  1. TallMick

    TallMick Administrator

    Thought people might like this. She's from Nottingham and this is her first proper video (her first one features what look like the plastic bits from Kinder eggs). The song's really great I reckon and the chorus is HUGE.

    The video is pleasingly naff - the bit with the human door knockers is brilliant - and she certainly looks the part
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  2. Re: Ronika 'Do Or Die'

    Is this the only Ronika thread here? This video has disappeared, but the song is still here.

    It's basically impossible to tell from her music that she's contemporary, it could be from any time in the last quarter of a century. But I like the attitude in her singing.
  3. Re: Ronika 'Do Or Die'

    I guess it is - I actually bought the Do Or Die EP last year after reading a little article on her and I like it very much.

    I am more pleased because for once I appear to have been 'ahead of the curve' with a popstar...
  4. Re: Ronika 'Do Or Die'

    Marvellous! She basically ticks all the boxes for me.
  5. Re: Ronika 'Do Or Die'

    I was also surprised to discover this was the only post about here and it had zero responses. I Didn't know her and I bought Do or Die from iTunes, it's amazing as the rest of her songs.

    The video can be watched here:

    Definitely one to watch.
  6. Re: Ronika 'Do Or Die'

    Something about "Forget Yourself" sounds really familiar, but it's been three days now and I still can't figure it out. The upside is that it means I've been listening to "Forget Yourself" over and over for the past three days.
  7. Re: Ronika 'Do Or Die'

    Both songs on the homepage are magnificent!

    All of which excites me.
  8. 3Xs


    Re: Ronika 'Do Or Die'

    Do or Die is really really good. The video...well, not so much. But the song is great!
  9. Re: Ronika 'Do Or Die'

    I like her. There needs to be more female popstars with big curly blonde hair!
  10. Re: Ronika 'Do Or Die'

    She's fun! There's a wealth of new female pop activity lately, with Florrie, Vanbot, Oh Land, Oh My, The Good Natured, Yasmin, Jessie And The Toy Boys, Neon Hitch, Queen Of Hearts, Charli XCX, Ilia Darlin, Ruby Goe, Parade, The Ultra Girls, Cosmic Girls, Jess Mills, Stooshe, Barbarellas... it shows no sign of stopping!
  11. Re: Ronika 'Do Or Die'

    The bit about Diana Ross's hair made soda come out my nose. It was unpleasant but worth it.
  12. Re: Ronika 'Do Or Die'

    Good God this song is a mess. Some people were not born to be popstars.
  13. Re: Ronika 'Do Or Die'

    i just looked at the front page -BIG wow!
    Very impressed, and awaiting releases.
  14. Lof


    Re: Ronika 'Do Or Die'

    Great song, horrible video...
    I preffer the one for Foget Yourself with the robo dancing.
  15. Re: Ronika 'Do Or Die'

    I've just listened to Forget Yourself and Wiyoo. Isn't she wonderful? Helps that she looks a tiny bit like Supernature-era Alison Goldfrapp.
  16. Re: Ronika 'Do Or Die'

    I just came across this pretty accurate summary of her that The Guardian did awhile ago. And it brought up the one singer of whom Ronika really, really reminds me: Cristina. So there's that.
  17. Re: Ronika 'Do Or Die'

    She reminds me very much of Alison too. Loving 'Forget Yourself' and certainly one to watch :)
  18. Re: Ronika 'Do Or Die'

    I've been obsessing over Do Or Die over the course of the last week. I hope she's signed to a good label ASAP. There's something very 'real' about her, I just hope to God she isn't exposed as an X Factor auditionee. She's sort of perfect, isn't she? Her influences list 'Early Madonna', which speaks highly of Ronika.

    I beg all of you to support her!
  19. Re: Ronika 'Do Or Die'

    Fabulous. She's kicking the shit out of everybody right now.

    When is this officially released through iTunes?
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