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Rosalía - 'El Mal Querer' (Second Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Noir, May 25, 2018.

  1. Tomorrow we bopping with the tabla periódica in our hands.
  2. Oh okay, I got that definition too but I though it had some kind of ~urban dictionary~ meaning ddd
    I need la Rosalía to give me private home lessons.
  3. Her and her lover combined together will create an explosion basically
  4. The song just surfaced and it's a massive banger.
  5. It's massive, quite interesting how she sings the lyrics. Sounds weird but infectious. The video is out in one hour and twenty minutes.
  6. It's SO fucking good, I love it. But whyyy is it only 2 minutes. I hate this trend.
  7. It should be one minute more. I know sometimes it works being short but this song needs more time.
  8. [​IMG]

    Sooooo transparent, she is actually shameless.
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  9. I'm pausing Sour Candy just for this.
  10. I am equal parts perched and cautious about this. She hasn't let us down so far... but this being another short song has me worried.
  11. this is A SERVE. An ultimate collapse - the length is perfect for this. Now I need to get outside WOW


  12. It was good but I'm a bit over the Canada aesthetic. Move on thith.

    The song is 10/10 for me though.
  13. Yeh ok this is legendary. The video being an El Mal Querer throwback is nice despite all the creepy kids ddd, and they both sound great.

    The fact that this barely reaches the 2 minute mark though.... sis cmon.
  14. I love both the song and the video.
    Love the vocal effects and the production.
    The shot of her hands with the kids reminded me of that bit when she's at the center of the shotguns in Pienso En Tu Mirà, if that makes sense.
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  15. Great, crazy beat, very very good.
    Pity it's so short.
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  16. Okay this is massive!


    The missing minute is the to-be-added US / UK hit release verse.

    kiiiii jk
  17. Ugh I love it although these lengths are becoming annoying now, but dilo tata otro hit
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  18. I am done with you

  19. The video being 2:59 because of the credits was very Trollalia.
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