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Rosalía - 'El Mal Querer' (Second Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Noir, May 25, 2018.

  1. K94


    Yeah she's not giving anything new and, reading about the issues of her artistry here, she's starting to irk me a little bit nn. She can do better.
  2. The song and visuals are strong - she always delivers but this is far less exciting than "a palé" or "dolerme"...which both really promised her exploring something new.
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  3. It’s not her most exciting single, but it’s nice enough.
  4. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    It's nice, but I think I keep waiting for another Moment™ like Aute Cuture and it hasn't happened for a while. That song + video combo felt like a proper arrival, and while I've enjoyed everything that's come after, I had high hopes for this song in particular but it feels like more of the same.
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  5. Aute Cuture and Dolerme remain her tops.
  6. The song has done amazingly on Spotify, #17 in the US, #68 in the UK and #8 global.
  7. She's coMing for thAt Us hOt 1o0 hIT!
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  8. Great start. She is #1 on Spotify Spain. Her first one since Yo x ti tu x mi.
  9. I really can't think of another artist over the past couple years who has redefined my expectations of what a music video could be more than her.
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  10. I love her work with Canada so the video is fantastic, but I'm not sold on the song. Aute Cuture, A Palé (that Gesaffelstein remix!) And Dolerme are all better.
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  11. I love the theme of the song. I mean , who is doing a song about having loyalty with your intimate circle and keeping the secrets inside it?
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  12. Totally agree. She has such a fresh approach to pop songwriting.
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  13. This is a must seen. Her interpretation is great and it helps you understand the children behaviour on the video.
  14. #69 in the UK midweeks, so could be her first UK top 100 if the song holds up well

    oh and thanks for the video, really helps understanding the song... too bad TKN is not about chemistry hahaha
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  15. Am I the only one thinking Milionária is her best song?
  16. The TKN video is amazing wtffff
  17. Not her absolute best, but one of my favourites for sure.
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  18. First top 100 in the UK for Rosalia.

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